Feeling Blue

Today is my second day of recovery after my tonsil surgery and I'm really feeling it. I thought I would spend more time blogging and tweeting but really I just don't have the energy to do so. I haven't spoke a lick of English since yesterday at 10am and have to communicate to everyone around me through Microsoft Word because writing is way too slow.

So, in the essence of feeling blue I've decided to put a lighter spin on it and dedicate my outfit post to blue! I'm in love with this outfit and wish I had it in my own closet.

The soft pink really pops against the electric blue tones and the accents of gold give it a touch of chic!

Click on the item description to purchase -
1. Aubin & Wills Beachwood silk blouse $165
2. THIERRY LASRY Sexxxy D-frame acetate and metal sunglasses $425
3. Michael Kors 'Sleek Exotics' Multi Strand Bracelet $95
4. Michael Kors - Gia Clutch w/Lock Ostrich $450
5. Moschino C&C Violet cotton blend pants $270
6. Yves Saint Laurent ROBYN 105 T-STRAP WEDGES $519

Also, thank you to everyone that has sent me encouraging and thoughful messages about my surgery. I really appreiciate your support!

Although I don't reply to blog post comments I do read every single one of them. I want to thank you for the time you spend writing them!


Blogger Clothing Sale

Pencil myself and all of your other favorite bloggers in on March 17 from 12pm -4pm because we want to dress you in all of our clothing!!

Myself and a long list of other bloggers in Vancouver will be setting up shop at The Waldorf Hotel for 4 hours to let you all dive right into our clothes, shoes, bags and accessories! The entry fee is $2 which will be split between event fees and donations to Dress For Success!

It's gonna be great, the first 50 shoppers will receive swag bags full of great items including gifts from I See Noise Prints, Establishment Lounge, Jennifer Williams Photography, Wolf Circus, Barefoot Contessa, Bfrend, A Girl's Next Best Friend, and many more!

Gather all of your girlfriends for a fun few hours of shopping and gab with your favorite bloggers - I can't wait to meet you all!

Click HERE to see the Facebook event and click "Going" !!

PS. You can see all the happens at the clothing sale through Twitter with the hashtag #VanBloggerSale.

Thank you to Cee from Coco & Vera and Alicia from Aliciafashionista for putting the event together!

The Oscars at Cinema Public House

Today is the day! It's the 84th Annual Academy Awards and all I really care about is who's wearing what!? I don't really watch award shows...I feel secondary embarrassment during acceptance speeches and poorly constructed (extremely awkward) jokes. However, I seem to always watch the Oscars!

Tonight I will be spending my time at Cinema Public House with a few lovelies dressed to impress, sipping on cocktails and ogling at Ryan Gosling in a suit and yelling out "Oh my gosh! I love her dress!" or..."Oh my gosh!...who dressed her?" The night will be hosted by The Donnelly Group, Booje Media and The Doctors Closet!

If you haven't purchased your tickets yet there still may be a chance! It starts at 4pm, $25 gets you a 3 course meal and $35 will get you a three course meal and 2 signature cocktails! Hope to see you!

How will the rest of you be spending your Oscars night??

PS. If you're following on Twitter you can see what happens throughout the night with the hashtag #OscarsAtCinema

prepping for surgery

Happy Weekend!

I bet you guys have some big plans this weekend, huh? I do too! I also have to cram everything on my to-do list in 3 days (which would take about 5 days) and drive all around Vancouver to do them! I'm going into surgery on Tuesday morning to have my tonsils removed (nooooooo!!!)and will be outta commission and on bed arrest for almost 2 weeks.

So... if you have me on Facebook or Twitter, you'll be hearing A LOT from me because it's the only way I can communicate! Unless I'm in a comatose state from all the meds I'll be taking.

What will I do with my time you ask? That's what today's post is about! Besides watching the hunky Jax on season 1-4 of Sons Of Anarchy it's the little necessities that can tie me over during a hiatus on my daily routines.

1. Creating I See Noise prints and filling orders
2. Sex & The City Movies 1 & 2
3. Only eating frozen treats
4. Self manicures
5. Blogging incessantly
6. Tweeting, blogging, instagraming, pinning and texting from my iPhone
7. Reading my new book "I've Got Your Number" by Sophie Kinsella

Do you have any suggestions as to how I can pass the time? Let me know!

Snowy Yellow

I'm in a bit of an odd mood today. I'm dressed completely in black and tan with touches of silver (which is rare). There is a snow storm happening outside of my windows. As I'm putting together today's Look Of The Day all I can gravitate towards are cheerful pop of color and Summer silhouettes. My mind doesn't really know what's going on!

But now about the look... this is the perfect outfit for the woman at work. You can stay feminine, classy and have fun with your outfit with the flow and the color of the top. Stay chic and business with the cut and texture of the skirt and add a bit of an edge with some spikes on the wrist and heels!

I'm meeting with a new client today for coffee and will be helping her put together some work appropriate outfits. I can't wait!

Click on the item description to purchase -
1. Oscar de la Renta Silk-tulle pussy-bow blouse $990
2. ASOS Spike Stretch Bracelet $14.32
3. ASOS Oversized Bowler $71.62
4. Zac Posen Bouclé-tweed pencil skirt $358
5. TOPSHOP GLIMMER Glitter Pointed Shoes $116

PS. Don' forget to enter in Leonie's giveaway on The Signature Bow for a silver Eiffle Tower I See Noise print! Enter HERE.

some sparkle, a commercial and some glitter

I've been super busy lately filling orders for I See Noise that I haven't had much time to blog - I'm sorry! Which sorta makes for today's post to be extra juicy because I'm going to pack in a little bit of everything!

But not to worry, I'll be posting everyday as per usual after today's post...and if I don't... you can't get mad at me.


Shopping Finds:
Since being busy I haven't had much time to shop, however on Monday it was my mom's birthday and what does every woman want any day of the week? Jewelery!

Eric and I got her a great set of pearl earrings and a simple necklace - which I will be borrowing from time to time.... OK, often.

Must Watch:
I came across this commercial for the fashion blog Cheyenne Meets Chanel and am obsessing over it! I haven't been to Shea's blog before but became an instant fan. I've also never seen a commercial for a fashion blog before - so ingenious!

Must Read:
Tuesday was a great day - I must say! The Glitter Guide featured the home of Monika Hibbs of The Doctor's Closet (you'll die when you see it) and it just happened to also showcase one of my I See Noise Prints! The Chanel print sold out TWICE and is re-stocked today so make sure you place in your order by tonight to have it shipped tomorrow!

Photo Courtesy of HONG PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO and Glitter Guide - In the home of Monika Hibbs from The Doctor's Closet.

6 squares of a weekend

It's back to the Monday grind for most of you - I have a ton to do this week. It's a big hard to prioritize so many to-dos throughout the weekdays but luckily I have my pretty "Things To Do" list that keeps me on track!

I got accepted to partake in the Portebello West Market March 24-25 to showcase my I See Noise Prints! If you're in the area make sure you stop by to get your own print and some other great items from the market.

Also, today Erin from The Sparkle announced the winner of the I See Noise print giveaway! Congrats to Kristin Brophy :) I will be sending it out this week for you to drool over! For those that didn't win, don't worry! Leonie from The Signature Bow will be having an I See Noise giveaway of her own!! Stay tuned on her blog to watch out for it.

Anyhoo.. How was every body's weekend? I had a fun filled one myself! I thought I would share some snippets of the pretty things from my weekend for those of you that don't have Twitter or Instagram!

Enjoy! xoxo

From left to right:
Alicia, Melissa, Cara and myself at the CB2 Robson grand opening.
My favorite set up from the store.
Ceramic cupcake hand painted by myself from Club Color.
Vintage clothing sale Leonie and I attended at the Waldorf Hotel.
2 new Charlotte Russe necklaces that made special appearances this weekend.
The love of my life - Nelly!
Joe Fresh Butter and OPI Brilliant Idea.
Surprised with white roses.

CB2 Grand Opening

From left to right: Alicia, Melissa, Cara, myself - a full store - cozy livingroom - the most awesome light fixture - desert tower - candleabras - bar stool - geometric print seat.

Last Friday marked the grand opening of CB2 on Robson street and I must say, this was very long awaited! For the first time in a long time the uppity Vancouverites of downtown can now have an affordable and trendy home decor store just blocks from where they live.

A big thank you the entire team for putting together such a fun filled event! With Eric as my date, plenty of food and drinks, great people / familiar faces and music to dance shop to it made for the perfect evening.

The merchandising team has done such a wonderful job on putting together all areas of the store to make you feel right at home and eager to grab everything in sight, prices range from $3 - $3000 making it affordable for everyone!

If you're not familiar with CB2, it is the sister store to Crate & Barrel. While C&B offers trendy and classic styles ranging up to $6000 for a couch, CB2 brings in the trendy with the lower prices.

Make sure you stop by their new (very large) location on Robson Street! You can receive $10 off  your purchase of $50 or more at the door and prizes of $500 gift cards given away!

PS. Did you catch my tweets on the event? To see them again just follow @oyco on Twitter HERE.

Crossing the lines

This look is a little bit out of the ordinary for me. Typically I would gravitate towards all of these items except for the maxi skirt. Once I saw it, I had the entire outfit figured out. This outfit took me outside of my comfort zone and is still set on my inpsiration for the Spring transition outfit. 

I particularily enjoy this shillouette, the skirt nips in at the waist and creates an ultra long leg. It's casual yet put together and appropriate for day and evening.

Click on the item description to purchase -
1. TOPSHOP Pinspot Side Tuck Blouse $72
2. OSCAR DE LA RENTA 24-karat gold-plated bracelet $345
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs - Preppy Leather Camera Bag $222.99
4. LWren Scott Orange High Waisted Pencil Skirt $731
5. Joie Women's I Will Survive Bootie $178.75

Don't forget to enter in the giveaway for a 24K gold Vintage Perfume Bottle I See Noise print on The Sparkle!

Shopping Finds - first time items

Ever tell yourself you're not going to shop, and yet, without fail you purchase more than you intended? How about when you tell yourself you're not gonna shop - and you don't! But then a week goes by and you say "I've been good" so you purchase something, and yet, without fail you end up in a downward spiral of shopping!

So ya, that sums up my past few weeks! However, since last Wednesday I've had some great days for finding great items that were extremely inexpensive that I've never had in my wardrobe.

2 Necklaces from Charlotte Russe $8.95 each

1980's style kimono jacket with hood from Value Village $9.99
Polka-dot blouse from H&M $19.95
Black maxi skirt from Wet Seal $19.99 (Perfect for a relaxed day with a low maintenance outfit)

Leather backpack from Value Village $9.99

3 pairs of shoes from Charlotte Russe (I'm sure you've read about my posts on Charlotte Russe before. A majority of my shoe collection is from their stores and although they are cheap - they are comfy, made of quality materials and are super cute! They've lasted me years and I can't imagine not purchasing their shoes. I got a deal this time buy one get one for $15 - left to right - $35, $15 (orig. $35), $10 (on sale))

Have you found any great deals in the past week? Share with me!

Also, make sure you enter to win an I See Noise print! Erin at The Sparkle is giving away the gold vintage perfume bottle!

Beauty Tips w/ Tamar - Lashes, Liner & Lips (& the finished look!)

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!

Today is the last installment of Beauty Tips w/ Tamar! So far we've gone through contouring your face with foundations and powders, creating an eyeshadow look for night and shaping your eyebrows.

Today we work on wing tipped liner and mascara.

Step 1: Liquid liner should be a one step flowy motion. Starting at the mid section of your lid work your way out to the end of the lid with an angle upwards. It may take a few tries if it's your first time!

Step 2: With a pencil liner, line the bottom lash line - half way.
Step 3: Depending on your mascara wand you can create volume in different ways. With a volumonous mascara lay the wand on the top side of your lashes moving left to right, seperating the lashes.
Step 4: This time, lay the wand on the bottom side of your lashes, move upwards.
Step 5: Apply the gloss!

TA-DA! Finito! 

Products used today:
(Plā) Beauty Bella lip gloss
Marcelle Liner

Are there any looks you want to see? Let me know and Tamar & myself will get right to work!

PS. Erin @ The Sparkle is having a giveaway for one of my I See Noise prints! Do you want to enter? Click HERE!

Pre-Vday Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined myself,  Lyndsey & Tamar on our Girl Pre-Vday Bash! Your Instagram "like" entries were much appreciated! The winner of the giveaway is Shantytown! Email me at randasall@gmail.com for your prize :)

Also a big thank you to Lyndsey and Tamar for joining me on this day - I love spending quality time with you ladies (even though I was on my Twitter and Instagram the entire time...!)

This was such a greaty day to spend with the girls I love! Vday isn't about couples, it's about the ones you love.

Have you done a Pre-Vday Bash with your best girls? What did you do?

Tamar & Lyndsey with their hand made LOVE+MARK'D cards by Olivia Lovenmark of Style Struck. Tamar with her first I See Noise print.

Orange, Tropical and Raspberry Mimosas & Fruit bowl at Milestones.

Pedicures at Pure Nail Bar

A fun filled shopping trip to Muse Social Fashion House with treats in tow! Thanks Christine!

More shopping at H&M and BCBG. I can show you what I got on Wednesday's post of "Shopping Finds"!

To follow me on Instagram click HERE or @randasalloum

PS. Erin from The Sparkle is having a giveaway of one of my great I See Noise prints! Be sure to check it out to win!!

I See Noise @ Lynn Steven

I'm very happy to announce that as of last Friday February 10th I See Noise prints have been available for purchase at one of the hottest Vancouver boutiques, Lynn Steven in Gastown! I'm incredibly honored to have my prints be sold amongst other great designer goods in such a lovely designed shop!

Nicole, owner of Lynn Steven will be selling all prints you can find in the Etsy shop in gold AND silver. Make sure you stop by and pick one up!...or 2....or 3... you know it's really up to you!

If you aren't in Vancouver and want a print you can still shop through Etsy or let me know if there are any custom orders you want done, I would be happy to create them!

Merchandising: Vintage hardcover book cored and turned into a flip style catalogue - let Nicole know which print you would like and she will gladly prepare it for you! (Frames purchased from Ikea)

Currently Listening To: Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know
Outasight - Tonight Is The Night

Pre-Vday Bash & a Giveaway!

Today's the day (Saturday 11th 2012)! You may remember from over a week ago when I posted THIS post with a special Valentines Day invite for all of you fancy readers!

Since you won't be able to physically join us - I thought... well what fun is that for you guys? SO I'M GIVING SOMETHING AWAY!!!

What you gotta do is follow my Instagram @RandaSalloum or if you're on the web follow me through Followgram HERE. If you "like" any of my photos from our Vday get together you will be automatically entered in the giveaway.

But wait? What's the prize? Can't tell ya! It's a secret! But I can tell you that it's something you'll need to get yourself ready for Valentines Day!

I hope you can RSVP today and join myself, Lyndsey and Tamar on our fun day of girly antics! 
Here's the itinerary for the day, I hope you join us!

First stop: Lunch at Milestones
Second stop: Pedis at Pure Nail Bar
Third stop: Shopping at Muse Social Fashion House and other great joints!

If you would like to follow Lyndsey on Instagram you can find her at LyndseyStark and to follow Tamar on Twitter click HERE or find her at TamarTaitinger.

(Plā) Beauty Giveaway Winners!!

Photo Credit - Pinterest

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the (Plā) Beauty Bella gloss giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who entered through Twitter & Facebook - your support of The-Unprecedented AND (Plā) Beauty is much appreciated!!

*drum roll please*...

& the winners are!...

1) Laurie Vickerman - Facebook
2) Leonie Markhost - Twitter
3) Gaila Curry - Twitter

Congrats ladies and I hope you enjoy your glosses!

Shopping Finds - Home, Beauty and Clothing

Today's Shopping Finds post is JAM PACKED!! YEEUPP!! You know what that means right?... I'm broke! Not really.

Today is probably one of my favorites because it adds in a little bit of everything. I've got home decor, beauty, clothing and accessories to show you.

So, get out your charge cards, take one more look at your bank statements, clear your calendars, grab your keys and head on out the door! (But wait till you finish reading this post ;) ) I've also got a fun announcement at the end!

A great pop of color with some animal print! Orange silk tee from Winners $39.99 / Michael Kors belt $17.99

Leopard oversized duffle, perfect for a carry on or a long day out of the house! I've had my eye on this bag for a few months at Winners and nabbed it for only $20.

A gorgeous 24k Gold Dipped Quartz pendant Necklace gifted from Simona Van Villet of Magic Loot Designs - you may remember her from her great giveaway of the geode necklace. To purchase this necklace for yourself click HERE.

I've been on the hunt for the perfect self-sharpening eyeliner pen - this one is great! Avon Glimmersticks $2.99 each (on sale). 

I'm sure you all know my love for Voluspa candles by now. They retail between $20-$40 and I grabbed these ones from Chapters for only $5.75 each!! They were on sale for 75% off.

During my trip to Lynn Steven in Gastown I fell in love with these Patch NYC candles! They're 100% soy and have a 20 hour burning time - perfect! 2 sizes available, this is the smaller one for $17.

I've been looking for a mirrored tray to fit all my perfumes (and room for more) but it's been a bit of a struggle. I purchased one from The Cross Decor and Design and loved it but unfortunately it wouldn't hold all of the bottles. This one works perfectly! Winners $16.99.

It's always nice to get organized for the day with pretty items - this to do list keeps me on track on for only $7.99 from Chapters. 

During a speedy trip to Ikea with my mom last week I made sure to hit up the "as is" section to see if there were any steals of a deal. There was! This large white coffee table (although basic, still functional) was only $30 because of some small scratch you can't even see. It works perfectly as a book shelf since I've moved my shelf into the office and have it packed with my supplies! To the women we had to fight off for this table - ya snooze ya loose!

Have you found any great deals lately? Do tell!

So, now for the exciting news. Lynn Steven in Gastown will be the first Vancouver retailer to carry original I See Noise prints! They will be available on Friday February 10th so make sure you pop by and grab a few!

Today is the LAST day to enter in the Pla Beauty giveaway! 3 glosses to give to 3 winners! Enter HERE.

Beauty Tips w/ Tamar - Eyebrows & Shadow For Night

Today is our second installment of Beauty Tips w/ Tamar! Today we're showing you how to contour and pencil your eyebrows and brush on eyeshadow fit for going out at night!

Step 1: Using an eyebrow brush - brush the hairs with the grain.
Step 2: Using an eyebrow pencil - start at the thicket part of the brow and slightly fill in.
Step 3: Give the brows one last brush to streamline.
Pick your pallet of 3 shades &:
Step 4: Using the lightest shade, highlight under the brows.
Step 5: With the medium shade cover the lid from corner to corner.
Step 6: Using the darkest shade and a small brush, start from the outter corner moving inwards on the crease of your lid.
Step 7: To blend and add shadowing brush a small amount on the bottom lash line.
In case you've missed lastweek's Beauty Tips w/ Tamar - How To Contour click HERE.

To follow Tamar on Twitter click HERE or @TamarTaitinger.

Next week with Beauty Tips w/ Tamar is our last week & we will show you liner, mascara and lips!

Products used today:
(Plā) Beauty Plābook and Marcelle eyebrow shaper

Tomorrow is the last day to enter the (Plā) Beauty Bella gloss giveaway! Click HERE to see how you can enter on Twitter AND Facebook! 3 glosses to give to 3 lucky winners!

Spring, it's upon us

This week in Vancouver we have had some gloomy days and some gorgeous days. The sun stayed out for us all weekend long and the temperature tagged along to match! I was able to leave my house for an entire day with just a chunky sweater and ballerina flats...no wool coat...no socks and boots, #totesamaze!

Since the weather is taking a turn for the better I can't help but think about Spring time outfits. Today's outfit is all about Spring shades and shilouettes with yes, a pop of color!

Click on the item description to purchase -

1. Marc by Marc JacobsHot Dot silk blouse $230
2. Kate Spade New York - Bar None Huggie Earrings (Gold) $58
3. Marc Fisher Handbag, Dress for Success Flap Tote $72.99
4. Old Navy Women's The Rock Star Jeggings $34.94
5. ASOS BITTEN Leather Platform T Bar High Sandal $134.29

Don't forget to enter in the (Plā) Beauty giveaway! There are 3 classic Bella lip glosses to give away to 3 lucky girls! Only 3 days left to enter! Click HERE.

Office Essentials

As I've mentioned before, I am renovating my home office! Just the other day, out of the blue I decided to paint it and give all the existing furniture a new look. You can see the paint color of the walls in the post below. I spent my day yesterday spray painting my workshop table and floating shelves white with a lacquer finish - I love them!

It's important for me to have a great space to work in considering when I'm home I spend the largest portion of my day in my office! It's comforting to be surrounded by beautiful and fun pieces and not the typical stuffy office feel.

It's a definite work in progress and I'm doing a little each day, below are a few items that I'll be adding to my office to make it feel a bit more special!

Small Storage Boxes w/ Label Window - Ikea 2/$6.99
Opal Glass Mini Lamp - Chapters $60
File Holders - Ikea 2/$7.99
Hand Cast Triangluar Sculptured Bookend - Chapters $25 ON SALE $10
Large Storage Boxes w/ Label Window - Ikea 2/$14.99
Voluspa Laguna Candle - The Cross Decor & Design $39.95
I See Noise Chanel No. 5 Print 24K Gold Glossy - $20
Pull Out Storage Units - Ikea 2/$6
Burnt Toast 7 Day To Do List - Chapters $7.99

Do you have a home office? How is it decorated?

PS. Have you entered in my latest giveaway? There are 3 chances to win! Click HERE.

Shopping Finds - and a quick office change!

IT'S FRIDAY!! I hope everyone is doing something fabulous this weekend! Today is another edition of "Shopping Finds & Favorites", one of my favorite posts to do every week!!

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram then you would know that I'm currently re-doing my office. I've taken the plunge on a whim and painted my office "Echo Lake" blue - a bit of a bluey-green. I first saw it as the logo color for The Glitter Guide and it always made me feel inspired. So...I painted it...I hated it (it was so obnoxious in this big space)..and now I love it! I'll be adding accents of white furniture with silver and gold accessories. Exciting!

During a stroll through Winners the other day I came across this beautiful photo frame in 3 different textures for only $7.99 and had to have one of them. It adds a bit of shine and sparkle when the light hits it and goes perfectly against the new wall color.

I also spotted a large gorgeous white porcelain vase - perfect to hold pink peonies flowers. It gives some life to the office and adds that touch of pretty. It was only $12.99!!

A favorite of mine for some time now has been re-designing my old furniture and accessories with a simple solution - spray paint. If you haven't tried it I highly recommend it. Spray paint comes in a huge array of colors / shades and also different textures / shines. I recently took an old white lamp and painted it gold (will show you soon), remade old photo frames into lovely gold fixtures and now will be turning my dingy work station table in a fab white lacquered table as well as my floating shelves!

It's cheap, simple and makes for the perfect quick fix! Have you spray -painted anything to make it new?


PS. Have you entered in my latest giveaway? There are 3 chances to win! Click HERE.

(Plā) Beauty Giveaway

Today is a very special day indeed - I'm having another giveaway! Back to back giveaways?? Yeup!

A few months ago I came in contact with Stephanie Green - Bass of (Plā) Beauty and was introduced to her fabulous makeup line! Available in just a few areas of The United States this is a product that NEEDS to come to Canada and beyond - it's the type of makeup we've been looking for! Besides helping all of us women look fantastic and simply gorg all day we get to do it while being friendly to the environment and we get to give back!

(Plā) Beauty makeup is environmently friendly and is in support of the Children's Hospital of Atlanta, a portion of the proceeds to each purchase will be given to the hospital. By using magnetic casing and refillable products you too can help cut down waste. The story behind the line is close to Stephanie's heart and once you read it, it will soon be close to yours. Click HERE to read her inspiring and self strengthening story.

The line consists of everything you could possibly need to look great! All products come in extensive choices of color making it the perfect choice to find what you need.

 A big thank you to Stepanie and Jessica at (Plā) Beauty for gifting me with a pretty Bella lip gloss (officially my favorite) and a pallet that I simply can't get enough of! The application of all of these products is effortless and just what I've looking for. Thanks ladies!

Myself and the ladies at (Plā) Beauty would like to give away Stephanie's (and mine, now!) favorite lip gloss, the Bella lip gloss. I have 3 to give away just in time for Valentines Day! WHO WANTS ONE?! 


Step 1: Follow The-Unprecedented on Twitter HERE or @RandaSalloum
Step 2: Follow (Plā) Beauty on Twitter HERE or @plabeauty
Step 3: Tweet @RandaSalloum I want to win the fabulous Bella gloss from @plabeauty !!
(you can just copy and paste it :))


Step 1: Like The-Unprecedented on Facebook HERE
Step 2: Like (Plā) Beauty on Facebook HERE
Step 3: On The-Unprecedented wall post "I want to win the fabulous Bella gloss from Pla Beauty!!
(you can just copy and paste it :))
This giveaway will start today  February 1st and end on February 8th end of day. Good luck! xoxoxo

Also, I have restocked my I See Noise prints! Ready to purchase? Click HERE.