Shopping Finds - first time items

Ever tell yourself you're not going to shop, and yet, without fail you purchase more than you intended? How about when you tell yourself you're not gonna shop - and you don't! But then a week goes by and you say "I've been good" so you purchase something, and yet, without fail you end up in a downward spiral of shopping!

So ya, that sums up my past few weeks! However, since last Wednesday I've had some great days for finding great items that were extremely inexpensive that I've never had in my wardrobe.

2 Necklaces from Charlotte Russe $8.95 each

1980's style kimono jacket with hood from Value Village $9.99
Polka-dot blouse from H&M $19.95
Black maxi skirt from Wet Seal $19.99 (Perfect for a relaxed day with a low maintenance outfit)

Leather backpack from Value Village $9.99

3 pairs of shoes from Charlotte Russe (I'm sure you've read about my posts on Charlotte Russe before. A majority of my shoe collection is from their stores and although they are cheap - they are comfy, made of quality materials and are super cute! They've lasted me years and I can't imagine not purchasing their shoes. I got a deal this time buy one get one for $15 - left to right - $35, $15 (orig. $35), $10 (on sale))

Have you found any great deals in the past week? Share with me!

Also, make sure you enter to win an I See Noise print! Erin at The Sparkle is giving away the gold vintage perfume bottle!


  1. OMG I am dying over that first necklace! It's amazing!!! I should have asked you to take pictures of all your buys in the US so you could quickly grab a piece for me too! :p

    The rest of your purchases are great too. That kimono jacket is stunning and I loved the polkadot blouse on you Sunday. Forgot to tell you then, but hey, better late than never! ;-)

    Finding Balance

  2. BEJEEEZEZ!! you are a bargain hunter I love it!!! i havent even been in a store :( trying to keep my shopping addiction at bay so no stores no purchases!! lol:)

    love K

  3. OMG, i'm obsessing over all those shoes :) Gotta love Charlotte Russe :)


    Fashion Fractions

  4. love that polka dot blouse!
    xo Cara

  5. that ALWAYS happens to me! but i figure if it's a good price, then why wait..i'll be kicking myself later over it :-)