Garage sale shoppin'

Lucky enough I get to spend a lot of time in the lovely tree lined neighborhoods of Vancouver since Eric's parents live on Main Street. A plus to that - tons of garage sales! Yesterday I nabbed these great leather bags for $5 each - uhhh YES! Five bucks for an oversized clutch and laptop bag is a good deal in my books (and in yours too im sure, if not stop reading my blog. No! I'm kidding. Keep reading). I don't know how old they are but she said they were pretty old so for now let's just call them vintage from the somethin' or other year.

I also got 4 vintage glass bottles from the soemthin' or other year which I'll show you soon.


  1. wow! those are so chic!! Amazing finds!! come check out my new post!!


  2. Wow - what a great find! I'm so glad we were able to connect on ifb - Great blog!