Beauty Tips w/ Tamar - Lashes, Liner & Lips (& the finished look!)

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!

Today is the last installment of Beauty Tips w/ Tamar! So far we've gone through contouring your face with foundations and powders, creating an eyeshadow look for night and shaping your eyebrows.

Today we work on wing tipped liner and mascara.

Step 1: Liquid liner should be a one step flowy motion. Starting at the mid section of your lid work your way out to the end of the lid with an angle upwards. It may take a few tries if it's your first time!

Step 2: With a pencil liner, line the bottom lash line - half way.
Step 3: Depending on your mascara wand you can create volume in different ways. With a volumonous mascara lay the wand on the top side of your lashes moving left to right, seperating the lashes.
Step 4: This time, lay the wand on the bottom side of your lashes, move upwards.
Step 5: Apply the gloss!

TA-DA! Finito! 

Products used today:
(Plā) Beauty Bella lip gloss
Marcelle Liner

Are there any looks you want to see? Let me know and Tamar & myself will get right to work!

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