Meet Me

Hi Everyone!

Needless to say that fashion and style is what my world revolves around. At 24 years old I'm still trying to figure out what my idividual style is and having this blog is helping me in the process.

I graduated in 2009 in the Fashion Marketing and Management program at The Art Institute of Vancouver. I carry over seven years of experience in the fashion industry in various roles such as; Stylist Assistant, Production Manager, Backstage Coordinator, Visual Merchandiser & Retail Management.

I am currently working as a Personal Stylist / Shopper and love every part of it. Helping women find their own style, recognizing their own inner and outter beauty brings me as much satisfaction as owning the entire current collection from Brian Atwood!


Below is a quick Q&A from a past post I did. Enjoy!

Q: Do you blog full time?
I currently DO blog full-time while I work in clients for my personal shopping and styling busines. I am a contributing writer for Kenton Magazine as well as a social media contributor for Oy&Co and will be working with the lovely ladies of Eye Spy Vancouver. I have also started my own Etsy shop selling one of a kind I See Noise prints. So basically I work overtime.... hmm.. I should re-evaluate this!

Q: Why did you start blogging?
To be completely honest with you. I can't remember WHY I created it. I do remember my teacher at school making us create a blog for a quick lesson but I already had mine started and this is the one time I can remember beginning with it. Why I started blogging continually is simple to answer. It's incredible what writing your thoughts and inspirations on web-paper can do for your self esteem and creative thinking. This blog allows me to constantly be creative, inspired and has platformed me into paths I didn't expect in my life.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?
I guess you could say I'm some what of an Artiste! I love to paint and get creative with different types of artwork.

Q: How did you get your start in the fashion industry?
While going to school (full-time) for Fashion Merchandising and Management and serving at Moxies Classic Grill (full-time) I volunteered for as many events as I could and took on internships at an online fashion magazine and with a prominent Vancouver stylist. This allowed me to create a network of people to contact once I graduated.

Q: What is your ultimate dream job?
Move over Joe Zee! A Creative Director for a fashion magazine is ultimately what I would love to do. Other than that - my personal styling would be amazing to do. But If I worked as the Creative Director I'm pretty much killing two birds with one stone!

Q: What are your outfit essentials?
Dark denim skinny jeans, a collared silk blouse, black pumps and gold accessories.

Q: How do you feel about sequin?
Sequin all day, everyday.

Q: What are your beauty essentials?
A great moisturizer, eyelash curler, voluminous mascara and a light rose blush.

Q: Do you take all of the photos on your blog yourself?
I do unless stated otherwise. I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 camera.

Q: What is your favorite magazine?
It's hard to answer because there are so many great ones out there (thank you magazine section at Chapters!) but I must admit I am a full on Elle girl.