Beauty Tips w/ Tamar - How To Face Contouring

Today marks the first Tuesday Beauty Tips with Tamar! One of my best friends (Tamar) is an incredible makeup artist! She's the best to take on trips because she's like a walking Sephora store with instant application. This will be the first segment of Beauty Tips with Tamar and will go on for 3 weeks with 3 different "How To" applications, at the end of the 3 segments you can see the final look! Are you as excited as I am??

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Today's post is all about contouring your face with the perfect foundations, powders and bronzers. I always think that Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have such great bone structure but if you look closer it's the contouring of their makeup that gives off the look. Contouring is a great way to create structure and shadowing with a few simple steps!

Step 1: Moisturize your face and neck for a soft base.
Step 2: Using a primer, brush around the areas of your face that have the most redness.

Step 3: Using a concealer, brush around the eyes to reduce dark circles. Blend it around the lid and creases.

Step 4: Mixing together a foundation and a tinted moisturizer, brush over entire face and neck to give flawless coverage. Using a loose powder to seal in the foundation.
Step 5: With your contour powder, brush upward under the cheekbones, the outer areas of your forehead and under your jaw line, this will blend all areas.
Step 6: Choose a blush of your choice and before brushing onto your face it is best to dab it on your hand to remove the access powder. This will reduce the amount that goes on and will look more natural. Brush in upward motions on your cheekbones.

THAT'S IT! Next Tuesday we will work eyebrows and eyeshadow!
A big thank you to our lovely model, Lynds!

Products used today:
 Absence oil free primer, Clinique perfectly real foundation shade 4, MAC moisture tint, MAC NW 20 select sheer powder, (Plā) Beauty contour powder and blush


I See Noise Prints Re-stocked!

New I See Noise prints added to the shop today! Some only have 1 so grab them quick!

A new batch of prints will be available in the first week of February. Don't forget to email me at if you would like a custom order!

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You've Been Invited!


This invitation is for all of you to join me and my two besties Lyndsey and Tamar on a Pre-Valentines Day date! Since Valentines Day is sorta designated for couples to celebrate their love/like for each other I thought it was time we did something for the best friends to share.

To join us you need to follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@RandaSalloum click HERE) because that's where all of the fun photos will be uploaded! Anyone who "likes" or comments on any of the photos will automatically be entered in to a new giveaway!! What is the giveaway for you ask??? I'M NOT TELLING! You'll find out once it's announced!

We will be going for a fun lunch date with some mid day drinks of course and then getting our nails done at Pure Nail Bar in South Surrey then spending our money like it's our last day at Muse Social Fashion House!

So what do you think? Can you RSVP? I hope to see you there!

Randa, Tamar & Lynds

Be Mine

Happy Friday everyone! The sun is trying shine here in Vancouver, I'm hoping we can have another beautiful day!

Since Valentines Day is around the corner in about 2 weeks, I'm sure most of you have already been looking for the perfect outfit to wear. Dresses tend to be the standard Vday date night outfit but what about during the day? Or for someone who doesn't want to wear a dress and be casual? This look is perfect! This look is girly, pretty, dressed up but still says casual. The flowlyness of the sheer top, the denim pant and the thick stacked heel all make for the perfect combo of dressy casual. Add in some fun accessories of your choice and voila!
Click on the item description to purchase -
1. VANESSA BRUNO Draped silk-crepe blouse $145.50
2. Lisa Freede Wire-Thread Cuff $70
3. Rebecca Minkoff - Sweetie (Gold Lame) $350
4. Burberry Brit Mid-rise skinny jeans $225
5. See by Chloe $355

mid week shopping favorites

It's that time of the week again! My new shopping finds and favorite items! I wonder if I took this idea from Oprah's favorite things? It was so disappointing when she discontinued that segment. I will admit that I was too "sick" or "busy" to do anything because all I wanted to do was catch that episode!

Anyways, onwards and upwards! On Monday during my lunch date with the girls we stopped by F As In Frank on Main Street. It was my first time in this vintage shop and they have some great items! I set my eyes on this great ivory and gold geometric ring and lucky me it was 25% off! It'll be great to wear with basic outfits that need that special touch.

I've also finally got my hands on my own set of LOVE+MARKED cards by Olivia Lovenmark of Style Struck. They're the perfect cards for me to send out to my girlfriends for any special time of the year. Click HERE to see her Etsy shop.

If you don't own any Voluspa Candles, I really think it's time that you did! The scents are unlike any I've ever smelled - they are hand poured, and made from coconut wax allowing it to burn ultra clean. The Laguna candle is made from apricot and coconut wax.

Have you seen or heard about I See Noise?! I'm stunned at the following that has been created so far and the demand for my prints will keep me quite busy once I'm restocked in the first week of February. Keep checking back at my Etsy shop for the new round of prints in gold and silver. Click HERE to go to my Etsy shop.

I came across Rachel Shortt's web page about a week ago and was impressed with her selection of edgy yet romantic hats that she designs herself. They are a must have for the burlesque insprired girl! To visit her Etsy page click HERE.


time well spent

Yesterday was a fun and relaxing day to start off the week. Slept in at Erics place, got ready for a yummy lunch date at 8 and a half on Main Street in Vancouver with Leonie (The Signature Bow) and Alicia (Alicifashionista) and then an exhausting evening at the gym. If you haven't eaten at 8 and a half I really recommend it. It's a tiny intimate setting with killer food and a great drink selection.

We ended our date with a fun photo shoot outside of this pretty heritage building right beside the restaurant and I must say, I was thrilled! I rarely get a chance to have an outfit photo taken for an outfit post and I broke the seal with this one, I wanna do more!

How did you spend your lovely Monday?

Photos by Leonie

Club Monaco "Tamia" Shirt and "Kylie" Ultra Skinny Jeans , Bamboo heels from Muse, Costa Blanca Coat, Vintage Clutch - Accessories: Club Monaco, Le Chateau, F As In Frank, BCBG

After seeing these photos I've realized that my denim is totally fading, not a good look! Gotta get some new dark skinnies ASAP! (To reduce the time of fading on your jeans it's best to wash them inside out)

Side Note: I will have more "I SEE NOISE" prints ready for the first week of February. The Chanel No. 5 Print was featuring on this past weekend. Click HERE to see.

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Geode, Gold & a Giveaway!

Todays post is very special...because, I`m having a GIVEAWAY!! Wahoo! The first giveaway of the new year! I hope you`re all excited!

I came across an Etsy shop called Magic Loot Designs by Simona Van Vliet a few weeks ago and was in love with the peices I saw. In particular, the gemstone necklaces really stood out to me. Simona creates amazing pieces using sterling silver, goldfill, 24k gold, gemstones, fossils, and vermeil, and is inspired by the California nature around her. I thought If I like these, I`m sure you all would too!

To see all of Simona`s jewelery and other shops click HERE.  

I am giving away the Geode Slice 24k Gold Trim Agate Necklace - so pretty! Perfect for your Valentines Day outfit!

Photo take by Magic Loot Designs and Instagramed by the-unprecedented

A little Q&A with Simoa: 

Q: Why did you start designing?

A: I first began designing and making jewelry as a way to relax. I worked as a special education teacher, which was a highly demanding job. Making jewelry at the end of the night was my way to unwind. I find the process of creating to be relaxing and meditative.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?
A: I get my inspirations from nature. I love the look and feel of natural elements. My line consists of mostly natural gemstones, gold layered fossils, and leaves. I think it is important to look around you and appreciate the small wonders that nature gives us.

Q: Which celebrities would you want to wear your line?
A: Sarah Jessica Parker- because she is just so glamorous in everything that she wears!
Jennifer Aniston - she seems more earthy to me, and can also appreciate the natural elements in my line of jewelry. I believe my jewelry is both glamorous, yet also subtle enough to be worn everyday.

Q: Any advice for beginning jewelery designers?
A: Design from your heart. Original artwork comes from people who are not afraid to take a risk and try something new, so believe in yourself.


This will be the easiest giveaway to enter because you barely have to jump through any hoops!
Step 1: Like The-Unprecedented on Facebook HERE.
Step 2: Comment on this blog post telling me what you're favorite Magic Loot Design piece is and leave your email address. Click HERE to choose.
See, it`s simple!


Step 1: Like The-Unprecedented on Twitter HERE.
Step 2: Comment on this blog post telling me that you`ve followed through Facebook AND Twitter.

This giveaway will end on Monday January 30th at the end of the day! Good luck!

best of both worlds

Spring is slowly and steadily approaching but the winter snow has us all thinking "What the hell do I wear!?" One day it's frantically snowing the other day it's warm and sunny, well for us Vancouverites that is. For the rest of you - what are you wearing??!

I chose this outfit because it has the best of both worlds - Semi light-weight fabrics but layered and with accents of Spring colors but still in a neutral palette so it doesn't scream "SPRING TIME FLORAL!"
You can interchange many accessories into this outfit and not just gold, switch to silver or accents of black stones. The denim can also switch to a black skinny.

Click on the item description to purchase -
JASON WU Leather-trimmed tweed bomber jacket $1950

Also, don't forget that today is your last day for the Mirka Designs 10% off promo on Etsy!!! Click HERE to get your promo!

I See Noise

It's official!! Yesterday marked the launch date of my first Etsy shop for I See Noise; original artwork prints created by yours truly! So far, I must say...the support has been fantastic from all of you!

I'm extremely excited to have started this series of prints with many more to come. Each print is inspired by my flare for fashion and home decor and make the perfect addition to each fashionistas space!

At the moment I have 4 metallic gold prints for sale with many more designs and colors to come. Just keep yourself updated on my Twitter and Facebook accounts to know when they're ready.

Each 8.5" x 11" print sells for $20 not including shipping and are made to order. Custom colors and designs are also an option so just shoot me a quick message either on Etsy or through

To visit my Etsy shop click HERE.

I hope you all enjoy them! xoxoxo

shopping finds and my first online shop!

I haven't really gone shopping since Boxing Day and I was due for some new favorite items. Myself, Lyndsey and Josh stopped by one of my ultimate favorite stores in all of Vancouver - Muse Social Fashion House! I stopped by on a lucky day, basically the entire store was on sale (score!) Unfortunately, it's very difficult to find my size in anything because it's the first size to go - but I can easily get away with one size up in certain pieces.

I got my hands on a great hooded anorak style jacket by Ya Los Angeles. I've been wearing it all day every day since I purchased it. With it's billowy and casual style it's the perfect addition to a chilled out outfit but added with heels is still pretty chic.

I also got these Bamboo loafer style platform heels that I'm obsessing over (quickly pan over to the "Shit Fashion Girls Say" video "OOOBBBSEEESSSSEDD!!!"). Since it's been below freezing and snowing outside I haven't had a chance to wear them but I already have a boat load of outfits planned out.

Below are 2 outfits from this week, the one of the right has the new Ya Los Angeles jacket I was talking about. I've been trying to take my items that I currently have and transform them into something brand new, as seen in the first photo.

That's a Club Monaco wrap dress that's a bit dressy and longer than seen in the photo. I tied it extra tight around the waist and pulled the top over to create a smaller waist and a more casual style dress. Paired with some leggings as tights (extra warm) it was the perfect outfit to go shopping in!

Photo 1 - Club Monaco dress, leggings and socks , Le Chateau wool wrap, Charlotte Russe boots and BCBG hat.
Photo 2 - Ya Los Angeles jacket, Joe Fresh denim shit, Club Monaco long sleeve, necklace and tote, Ray Ban sunglasses.

On another note, I wanna say how excited I am that I've officially opened my Etsy shop!!! You can now purchase my I See Noise prints online!! I have many more to come in other colors and designs so stay tuned!! Click HERE to check out the shop.

Wen by Chaz Dean - Product Review

Have you all seen the videos during the day and at 2am while you're in bed eating candy prepping for a good sleep before the gym   about a fantastic product called Wen by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean? If not then click HERE to watch it.

I've always been curious about it, especially when you see the women giving their testimonials and they're all "Oh em gee, I will never use shampoo again!" and you're sitting there thinking "Uhm, double u tee eff?!" - OK maybe it's just me, again. Well I was lucky enough to have a line of products from Wen sent to me to try and I must say... I really...don't think...I can use shampoo again! 

Wen is a one step cleansing process for your hair that strips the dirt naturally. Instead of the day old process of lather, rinse, repeat you simply need to use the Cleansing Conditioner ONCE. The conditioner does not lather but will slightly foam when mixed with water, making it easier to reach every hair strand instead of clumping them together with shampoo.

It's extremely important to follow the steps and tips that Wen provides. I'm a learner of trial and error (mainly error) and did not read the instructions to start. My hair did not feel the most fabulous. I tried it again the next day and saw instant results and loved how my hair felt and looked!

Once you jump into the shower you want to cleanse your hair with just water and then use as much Wen Cleansing Conditioner as recommended. For myself I have medium bodied and medium length hair so I needed between at least 15-20 pumps of the conditioner. Then, using the comb provided you comb through ensuring all hair is touched and you didn't miss a spot. Leave the conditioner in for 3 -5 minutes then wash it off right before you step out of the shower.

This left my hair feeling soft, thick, full bodied, super straight and easy to dry. I highly recommend using Wen and you should probably purchase about 40 bottles because you won't be using shampoo again.

Have you tried Wen? How did you feel after using it?

Mirka Designs on promo!

Happy weekend everyone! xoxo

To kick off this great Winter Wonderland weekend (it snowed steadily through the night here in Vancouver) I'm offering all of my readers a 10% discount code for Mirka Designs by Mirka Kalmanova on Etsy.

Not familiar? Neither was I until late last night. My finger on my laptop came to a screeching halt when I found this wood grain design clutch below. I knew I had to share Mirka's fabulous designs with all of you!

As you flip through her blog HERE you can really see Mirka's design aesthetic and inspiration come to life. From pops of color on geometric and cheerful prints to minimalistic lines - her handbags, laptop cases and and accessories are easy to wear and for any occasion.

To see more of Mirka's designs click HERE to be taken to her Etsy page and click HERE to be taken to her blog "Mady. By. Me".

This promo starts today Saturday, January 14th 2012 will end Saturday, January 21st 2012. To receive the 10% off discount you must enter MIRKADESIGN1104 during your checkout.

Happy shopping! Let me know which one you choose!

A little bit about Mirka Kalmanova below -

Q: Why did she start designing?
A: Growing up with a mother who sewed and designed all of her own clothing it was easy to see that Mirka would soon take up the same talent. At 14 years old Mirka started sewing and then eventually creating her own patterns. Her creative outlet was soon mastered.

Q: Where does her inspiration come from?
A: Mirka's inspiration comes from the everyday life of nature, her friends and family and rich textures. However, most of her inspiration comes from her product designing boyfriend. He helps Mirka with the tips and tricks on how to achieve the perfect design.

Q: What does she do besides design?
A: Working as an administrative clerk during the day is Mirka's main job. Her satisfaction comes from her love of sewing and design. "There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that you made that beautiful bag or than seeing a lovely customer feedback or friends smile when you give them something that you made yourself".

Q & A

Hey fashionistas!

After getting a ton of questions about what I do, where I got my start and what my favorite (everything!) is, I thought it would make the perfect post! I've put together a little Q&A of the most asked questions.


Q: Do you blog full time?
I currently DO blog full-time while I work in clients for my personal shopping and styling busines. I am in the process of writing articles for Kenton Magazine and will be working with the lovely ladies of Eye Spy Vancouver. So basically I work overtime.... hmm.. I should re-evaluate this!

Q: Why did you start blogging?
To be completely honest with you. I can't remember WHY I created it. I do remember my teacher at school making us create a blog for a quick lesson but I already had mine started and this is the one time I can remember beginning with it. Why I started blogging continually is simple to answer. It's incredible what writing your thoughts and inspirations on web-paper can do for your self esteem and creative thinking. This blog allows me to constantly be creative, inspired and has platformed me into paths I didn't expect in my life.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?
I guess you could say I'm some what of an Artiste! I love to paint and get creative with different types of artwork. I'm currently working on a collection of prints to be sold on Etsy. Stay tuned!

Q: How did you get your start in the fashion industry?
While going to school (full-time) for Fashion Merchandising and Management and serving at Moxies Classic Grill (full-time) I volunteered for as many events as I could and took on internships at an online fashion magazine and with a prominent Vancouver stylist. This allowed me to create a network of people to contact once I graduated.

Q: What is your ultimate dream job?
Move over Joe Zee! A Creative Director for a fashion magazine is ultimately what I would love to do. Other than that - my personal styling would be amazing to do. But If I worked as the Creative Director I'm pretty much killing two birds with one stone!

Q: What are your outfit essentials?
Dark denim skinny jeans, a collared shirt, black pumps and gold accessories.

Q: How do you feel about sequin?
Sequin all day, everyday.

Q: What are your beauty essentials?
A great moisturizer, eyelash curler, voluminous mascara and a light rose blush.

Q: Do you take all of the photos on your blog yourself?
A: I do unless stated otherwise. I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 camera.

Q: What is your favorite magazine?
It's hard to answer because there are so many great ones out there (thank you magazine section at Chapters!) but I must admit I am a full on Elle girl.

Above photo taken from Pinterest.

keeping shape

I haven't been drawn to wearing flats in a pretty long time now but these leopard Loeffler Randall flats are screaming for me to wear them! The leopard tones are perfect for lightly hued jewel tones and would make the perfect addition to a F/W to Spring transition outfit.

I just love how the shapes of the dress and the jacket are extremely simillar. This will be a more streamlined outfit with a bit of a mod feel.

How would you wear leopard flats?

Click on the item description to purchase -
1. Old Navy Old Navy Women's Collarless Woolblend Coats $49
3. Iman Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick - Paprika $9.99
4. ASOSASOS Ridged Double Cuff $17.27
5. Melie Bianco Melie Bianco Drew Womens Tote Handbag $99
6. Loeffler Randall Quinnie pointed toe flat $236

Fashion Canada and a few beauty essentials

Last week I was stunned to receive a tweet from Lindsay Walsh of Standing Armed. She enthusiastically tweeted "@RandaSalloum Saw you looking stunning in the Feb issue of @FashionCanada!" My initial reaction, I will admit was "What tha fak!" and then quickly turned into "OH EM GEE!" when I clicked through the digital pages online. Finding myself in an issue of one of my favorite fashion magazines is a bit surreal and totes exciting! Thank you to the editors at Fashion Magazine and a big thank you to Peter Jensen for the photograph!

To look through the digital pages of Fashion Magazine click HERE.

If you read my blog you know that I'm currently doing an overhaul of my beauty routines and finding ones that fit me perfectly. I've noticed that I have my definite go-to essentials that I use on a daily basis but for different looks and feels. Here are a few from last week.

The Everyday Essentials:
Mary Kay blush Strawberry Cream 1C10
M.A.C. Lipstick
Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer Sand
Eyeliner from Dubai
NYX eyeshadow shade ES18 Sahara
Makeup Forever Smoky Eyes mascara

The Quick Touch Up and Refresh
Stilla Eyeshadow
Chanel Allure Perfume
Makeup Forever Smoky Eyes mascara
Essie nail polish Size Matters
NYC nail polish clear top coat

For A Soft & Fresh Feel
Mariah Carey Forever perfume
Chanel gloss #98
M.A.C lipstick
Marcelle everyday moisturizer

What are your beauty essentials? Share with me!

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How To Organize - The Small Closet

Since my previous post (HERE) about my own closet I've received a ton of comments and messages about it and how some of you can do it yourself with your smaller closets. It just so happens at the same time one of my readers - Sam (Hey girl!), needed some inspiration on how she could do it herself. I've put together an inspiration board on tips and tricks to utilize more space in smaller areas and help you get the most out of your closets. I hope this helps!

I've taken these photos from Pinterest. Click HERE to visit the Pinterest site and see more inpsirational closets.

Using storage boxes and rolling drawers can be used to organize accessories and bags, keeping them in good condition and more accessible to wear. Adding drawers and shelving inside your closets adds storage space for all of your outfit additions.

Good luck with your closets and happy organizing!


new york times

Let's be honest. This isn't exactly your everyday get-up. Perhaps for some of you it is! I for one AM that girl you see at the grocery store pushing her cart in leather pants and 5 inch heels, ha!

This outfit is inspired by the New York girl that isn't afraid of fashion and thinks "the more, the better!" It's perfect for the times you have a glam night out with girls!

I took a basic silk top and matched it with the print skirt for the touch of "wow!" Each color is taken from around the same color stories (imagine a color wheel) and blend in perfectly together. The reason I chose a boot and not a pump is to steer away from the elegant look and gear towards edgy. It's still sleek with the lines of the pencil skirt but adds that je ne sais quoi!

Click on the item description to purchase -

1. W118 by Walter Baker Chiffon blouse $98
2. Kenneth Jay Lane Swarovski crystal clip earrings $70
3. Cambridge Satchel Company Cambridge Satchel Company Exclusive to Asos 11' Yellow Fluro Cracked Satchel $181.80
4. Michael Kors Women's Michael Kors Link Bracelet, Golden $125
5. TOPSHOP Kaleidoscope Print Pencil Skirt $72
6. Brian Atwood Alexa feather-embellished suede boots $430.30

1 top 6 ways

I came across this great basic stripe sweater from Old Navy and thought "How could this be jazzed up?". It's easy! Even though the sweater already has a detail (the horizontal stripes) it's best to think of it as just a background to your top. You can decorate the foreground with sparkle, color and texture! The below are a few ideas on how to accessorize it.

Click on the item description to purchase -

Stripe top - Old Navy Women's Striped Crew Neck Sweaters $32.94
1. BaubleBar Peach Cushion Cut Studs $40
2. Belle Noel Mini Dagger Collar Necklace $188
3. ASOS Slot Through Portfolio Clutch $36.36
4. MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Jelly North South Tote $168
5. BaubleBar Yellow Gold Links $102
6. Bobbie Brown Lip Gloss $23

a new year with new favorites

A new year calls for new favorites and I most definitely have a few! I'm sure you all do exactly what I do. You get your hands on a new item and wear the heck out of it and "it's like OMG totally my favorite thing!" and then 2 weeks later you're onto the next. This post is basically my 2 week favorite items :). I would like to share them with you guys because not only are they pretty but maybe they'll inspire you!

Photo 1: Eric and I on NYE Photo 2: Lyndsey and I on NYE.

Dress- Aftershock London, Shoes- The Bay, Earrings- Club Monaco, Bracelets- Gifted

My mom purchased this dress for me from Aftershock London in Dubai. She knows me well and knows black and sequin are in my vocabulary! Unfortunately it did not fit me and was one size too big but a large thank you to our family friend for bringing it in from the sides and making it fit just in time for New Years!

Red velvet pumps- Walmart, Necklace- Lia Sofia

Purchasing shoes from a store like Walmart can be a hit or miss on style and comfort. I lucked out when I came across these red velvet bow pumps in my size (last one!). They make my legs look long, feet look small and yes, they're comfortable!

You can see the Lia Sofia necklace featured in my previous post HERE.

Christian Louboutin Pigalle black python pumps!

Look 1: Jacket- J.Crew, Leggings- Club Monaco, Boots- Aldo, Scarf- The Gap
Look 2: Tank- TopShop, Skirt- Zara, Boots- Aldo, Necklace- Lia Sofia

(A few of these photos are from my Twitter account - for more fun photos follow me @RandaSalloum or click HERE.)