Beauty Tips w/ Tamar - Eyebrows & Shadow For Night

Today is our second installment of Beauty Tips w/ Tamar! Today we're showing you how to contour and pencil your eyebrows and brush on eyeshadow fit for going out at night!

Step 1: Using an eyebrow brush - brush the hairs with the grain.
Step 2: Using an eyebrow pencil - start at the thicket part of the brow and slightly fill in.
Step 3: Give the brows one last brush to streamline.
Pick your pallet of 3 shades &:
Step 4: Using the lightest shade, highlight under the brows.
Step 5: With the medium shade cover the lid from corner to corner.
Step 6: Using the darkest shade and a small brush, start from the outter corner moving inwards on the crease of your lid.
Step 7: To blend and add shadowing brush a small amount on the bottom lash line.
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Next week with Beauty Tips w/ Tamar is our last week & we will show you liner, mascara and lips!

Products used today:
(Plā) Beauty Plābook and Marcelle eyebrow shaper

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