A spoOooOoOOky weekend!

(From left to right - Our apartment lit with glow sticks / A moment of hilarity right before we all fell backwards through the door and onto our butts!)

This was by far - the.longest.Halloween.weekend.EVER!! But it was also the best Halloween I've ever had :). I spent a ton of time with my friends, dressed up and ate way too much candy (no such thing as too much).

Thursday - Double date night at Fright Night @ the PNE - If you haven't gone let me warn you now that it will be the most terrifying night of your life! The highlight of everyone's night was of course the dead man with the chainsaw coming after me and watching me run off into the crowds screaming bloody murder!!

Friday - Rave house party at our apartment - We turned off every light and covered our place in spider webs and glow sticks - the entire area was illuminated like a video game, it was pretty epic. Needless to say I had a rough morning on Saturday.

Saturday - Moxie's Halloween party - I clearly did not learn my lesson from the previous night because history repeated itself but had the best time with my girlfriends.

Sunday - Ghost Train at Bear Creek park - Double date night spending 2 hours in a line up for a 12 minute train ride that was more funy than it was scary, but the few screams that came out of me made it all worth it!

AND TONIGHT IS HALLOWEEN!!!! I don't really have anything planned except fixing up my new place, but the night is still young.

BOO! I hope you all have a kick ass spooky adventure tonight :)

1. No food, just booze
2. Spider webs cover the entire apartment
3. Enough treats for everyone
4. Glow sticks for the party
5. Our apartment with the glow sticks
6. Black candles to set the mood
7. The girls and I at Sharksclub
8. Eric dressed as one of the DJ's from Daft Punk - he made the helmet himself!
9. Me dressed as Olive Oyl - waaaaayyyy to short of a dress, never again!

Happy Halloween Weekend Likes

Happy Halloween weekend everyone!!! I hope you all have fun events going on this weekend. Eric and I are throwing a "rad" (his words, not mine) costume party tonight for all of our friends and they MUST dress up or they'll be denied entry LOL. I'm going as Olive Oyl - you know, Popeye's gf? I wanted to be Deadmau5 but didn't have enough time to make the head.

We're decorating the apartment tonight and covering it with glow sticks so that they light up the whole area - I'll post photos of it after!

Anyhoo, here are my favorite things from this week that I hope you can enjoy this weekend :)

1. Olive green knit scarf
2. Pumpkin carving - Deadmau5 ofcourse!
3. Jacqueline Conoir / Jac SS12 show
4. Getting dressed up for the show
5. Sally Hansen - Strobe Light
6. Rainy day movies
7. Finally putting on the fireplace
8. Moving day
9. Fright night ferris wheel

Sally Hansen - Strobe Light

OK, to start off let me just say "My name is Randa and I have a problem". Why can't I stop purchasing nail polish?? It's like crack for my nails - does anyone else find applying it be extremely therapeutic? I swear this will be last nail polish buy for this month (thank goodness there's only 3 days left in it).

So let me justify to all of you why I purchased it. Because it's pretty and sparkly! it works for spring summer and fall winter. It adds a bit of sparkle for when I lounge around the pad, adds a touch of girlyness (I just decided that's a word) for my darker fall outfits during the day and is the perfect accessory for my outfits when I go out at night!

There, now can I keep it? THANKS!!!

I would also like to take a moment and obsess over my friend's lovely accessories that I wish I purchased before them. Join me.

Tessa from Belle Epoque's leopard booties!

Lyndsey's H&M pastel pink clutch!

Jacqueline Conoir / Jac SS 12

Tuesday night Lyndsey, Tessa (from Belle Epoque) and I, saw the first look at the Spring Summer 2012 collection for Jacqueline Conoir & the contemperary line, Jac. Rozemerie Cuevas, the designer of both lines did such a great job designing looks that all types of women can wear, from a series of structured suits, bold pops of purple and pinks and even an array of prints from animal to watercolor. Jac was more my type of collection, it carried more of an edge, creative cuts and a neutral pallete.

I'm surprised I didn't get whiplash from rapidly turning my head towards the girls to say "I LOVE THAT" or "I NEED WANT THAT",

My giftcard will definetly be well spent! A big thank you to all of the ladies that put the show together! (more photos to come :) )

Here are my favorite looks from the Jacqueline Conoir collection:

Here are my favorite looks from the Jac collection:

What I'm wearing: Club Monaco tank, pants and necklace, Le Chateau vest, H&M clutch, Kenneth Cole heels

and so they say

1. Theyskens' Theory Tedard faded leopard-print silk top $295
2. Stella McCartney Oval two-tone plexiglass clutch $2,315
3. Yves Saint Laurent Arty Too gold-plated Swarovski crystal ring $295
4. Maison Martin Margiela Stretch jersey-paneled leather pants $1,110
5. Michael Kors Block-heeled leather sandals $995

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Shopping Finds - beauty edition

With my days being a bit busy as of late - and not to mention lack of funds I haven't been able to shop as much as I would like! For a while now my latest purchase was a few days ago at the NYX store mentioned below and 6 nail polishes from Walmart that were a steal. I can't believe I only left with one shadow!!

I highly reccomend grabbing this neutral shade, it's perfect for a little shine on the lids or a highlight under the brow.

NYX shade ES18 - Sahara

The great idea behind all of these polishes is that they all work perfect for fall / winter with a neutral outfit but obviously transition for the spring / summer months - Used all year around!

Rimmel London 130 - French Lingerie
China Glaze 77044 - IV
Wet n Wild - Sparked
NYC 221 - Spring Street
Wet n Wild - Metallica
Wet n Wild - Black Creme

NYX Makeup - Beauty's Best Kept Secret

Yesterday I had a fab lunch date with my fellow blogger Vicki from Dash Of Blonde. It's been so long since we've gotten together that we had a major gossip sesh which started immediately in the car that made us miss our exit more than 3 times and end up ways away from our desination (LOL!)

After a yummy hour at an Indian cuisine buffet we headed to the mall to shop at NYX Makeup. If you've seen NYX it's most likely at your local grocery / pharmacy store and only a tiny section. Vicki found A WHOLE ENTIRE NYX STORE. Yeah, a whole store! It opened 2 months ago and this was definetly one of the best kept makeup secrets in our town for sure. With the same quality and application as M.A.C Makeup it's only a fraction of the price from $3.99 - $45.99.

I was contemplating even telling you all... because it's just that good. BUT I COULDN'T KEEP IT TO MYSELF!

I need at least 2 hours to spend in there to completely re-do my makeup collection. The best part of the whole deal is that it's such a steal! Now it's time for all of you pretty faces to go get glammed up at NYX in Surrey Central Mall! (By SFU)

Art by Suhaila

My aunt Sue has turned out to be quite the artist in a family of many artists - with some of her paintings in Starbucks and other locations and many sold, she's suprised us with her talent! Here are a few of her newest. If you're interested in Artwork by Suhaila, contact me!

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Today = Casual

1. CLU Cotton-terry and washed-satin sweatshirt $220
2. Chan Luu 14-karat gold-vermeil and leather wrap bracelet $210
3. Miu Miu Two-tone rabbit-felt cap $395
4. Bassike Organic cotton track pants $365
5. Converse Jack Purcell Helen sneakers $55
6. Alexander Wang Emile leather-trimmed felt trunk tote $845

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Vancouver Home & Design Show

I'm so happy that I went to the show because not only was it a great way to spend the afternoon but I gained so many inspirational ideas for my home and even DIY projects for accessories. Unfortunately I didn't get to see any of the celebrity speakers such as Jillian Harris but within the 2 hours of walking through the venue I found many ideas and items that inspired me just as well.

I've always been a sucker for the Nail Jazz stand and finally purchased a kit of 8 colors. We definetly had fun with it during our slumber party the other day.

Club Monaco bracelet giveaway!

It's The-Unprecedented's first giveaway and I'm stoked!

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I will be announcing the winner on Tuesday October 25th, good luck everyone!

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Garage sale shoppin'

Lucky enough I get to spend a lot of time in the lovely tree lined neighborhoods of Vancouver since Eric's parents live on Main Street. A plus to that - tons of garage sales! Yesterday I nabbed these great leather bags for $5 each - uhhh YES! Five bucks for an oversized clutch and laptop bag is a good deal in my books (and in yours too im sure, if not stop reading my blog. No! I'm kidding. Keep reading). I don't know how old they are but she said they were pretty old so for now let's just call them vintage from the somethin' or other year.

I also got 4 vintage glass bottles from the soemthin' or other year which I'll show you soon.

Only young once

On Friday Eric and I enjoyed an afternoon at the Vancouver Home and Design show at the Vancouver convention center. Eric was lured into each booth that had the smell of garlic or meat and myself on the other hand went straight into any area that had tons of sparkle and furry pillows! It was a great way to gather 2 hours of inpsiration from one area , and ofcourse I snapped some photos that I'll be sharing with you soon!

This weekend was a weekend with the girls - my cousins that is. Ages 15, 17, 18, 24 and 28 all gathered together for a slumber party filled with trashy tv, trashy food and tons of toxic nail polish. I always love getting together with them - they make me young again! LOL!

I have to say, not working right now is definetly allowing me to catch up on everything that I missed out on. Having a fulltime job in retail was my life - and that's not life. I'm able to spend time with friends and family, go to design shows of many kinds, gallery shows, on the spur lunches and dinners and just about anything I want to do.

I'm only young once and have all the time in the world to work. THIS time, is for me.

Club Monaco 'Kylie' jeans, 'Edita' blouse, Gap blazer, My moms vintage clutch, Kenneth Cole heels,Vintage necklace

Fall shopping favorites

Here are a few of my favorite fall items I've spotted while hittin' the shops - what are your favorites?

1. H&M fur vest $59.95
2. Aldo Shoes "Killion" Gold $70.00
3. Aldo Shoes "Buschur" Metalic $70.00
4. Aldo Shoes "Killion" Black Patent $70.00

Paul Wong - Immanent

Last night I had the opportunity (thanks @oveyyeung) to attend the exhibit for Canadian photographer Paul Wong at the Winsor Gallery in South Granville. Paul is a multimedia artist who showcases photographs and video shorts to portray life and movement, and this was very much apparent in his newest collection titled "Immanent".

With 12 pieces of his work around the gallery it was hard to choose my favorite. However, "Full Moon Drawings" did stand out to me the most but I couldn't grasp the story behind it. Paul was kind enough to explain to me in depth his story behind shooting the images and quite the story it was! During a trip to Nicaragua on the night of a full moon Paul snapped a photo with the result being a lightening type strike. He snapped many and chose the 9 he liked the most. This was shown in 2 seperate pieces and 1 large installation.

(Full Moon Drawings installation)

(Blind Man, He, Hoops, Luis Alberto Garcia)

(Left: Vancouver life model Nadine wearing traditional wedding gear of the Masai Tribe. Right: Stylist vancouverite with AMAZING footwear.)

My first outfit post!

Ok, so I caved...no biggie. I decided it was time I posted my own outfits! I'm not sure how often I can do this but I'm going to try every couple of days. This one wasn't even planned - we were at Ikea on a shopping trip and decided since I have my new camera I may as well take a photo :)

What do you think? Should I post some more?!

Club Monaco 'Sabrina' dress, 'Haley' sweater, 'Diana' leggings, Joe Fresh booties, BCBG necklace, Guess mens watch, Club Monaco bracelet

Lime Sugar Cookies

It appears that I have been hit with the baking bug! Me and Lyndsey baked cookies 2 weeks ago and well, all I can say is "trial and error". I found THIS recipe for lime sugar Cookies.

We originally added too much lime juice which made the batter almost guu-like and not so much a dough and this made it difficult to cut and bake. They also tasted horrible.

SO, the next morning I woke up and first thing I did was re-make them! This time adding just the right about of lime juice and creating larger and thicker pieces. This worked perfectly!

time to party!

1. Sass & bide The Birthday Project sequined mini dress $730
2. Jil Sander Origami folded leather clutch $550
3. Deborah Lippman nail polishes "Today Was A Fairy Tale" and "Boom Boom Pow" $20
4. Christian Louboutin Filter 140 crystal-embellished suede pumps $1,195
5. Isabel Marant For The Queen pyrite drop earrings $340

Here's to the weekend

Happy (THANKSGIVING) weekend ya'll!

I'll most likely be sleeping this entire weekend due to the amount of turkey I'll be eating. I can promise you, I eat a lot. On Sunday I'll be spending the evening with the entire family (on my moms side) for a Thanksgiving dinner and I'm super excited! I always love seeing my cousins :)

I'll also be trying to purchase a camera for cheap online AND packing up my life into boxes because Eric and I only have till the end of the month at our apartment!

On another note here are few things I like that will be on my mind this weekend -

1. Sugar Lime Cookies
2. Fresh white roses
3. Vintage shoulder bag
4. Movie time popcorn
5. Twitter account! Follow me @randasalloum or click HERE
6. Antique Alley - so many finds!
7. Panasonic Lumix LX5
8. Homemade guacamole
9. Pet News Issue #1 - Follow Pet News @PetNewsCanada or click HERE, visit their site HERE, become a Facebook fan HERE.

Shopping Finds - Antiques

Yesterday I took a trip to Antique Alley and was amazed at everything I saw. I like to go there as often as I can but really I can only go maybe once a month. I fell in love with a pair of antique night stands that the owner restored and even added crystal knobs. They were beautiful. I had to have them. He was asking $600 for the pair but I think I can get him down to $400.

1. Antique Alley on Front Street in New Westminster
2. A variety of luggage
3. Restored night stands - I WILL be purchasing these.
4. Crystal candle holder
5. Shoulder bag
6. Gold frame mirror

Tweet Me!

Hey Everyone!

I know, I'm super late to the social media game, but The-Unprecedented has Twitter! TECHNICALLY I've had an account before and deleted it (durrr).

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Classic & Textured

1. Stella McCartney Laura wool-twill top $835
2. Etoile Isabel Marant Xavier bouclé wool and alpaca-blend coat $615
3. Proenza Schouler PS11 Classic textured-leather shoulder bag $1,850
4. Boy. by Band of Outsiders Tailored wool pants $450
5. Ralph Lauren Collection Quinlan leather monk-strap shoes $595

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Since my days lately aren't exactly filled with a lot to do I've decided to learn to cook. I'm starting out small with appetizers and will work my way up to mastering a true Arabian home cooked dinner.

After having bacon wrapped asparagus at my friend Ovey's house warming my taste buds have been craving it since I ate the first one out of the oven. I made some for Eric on Sunday night when he came home from work and we were stuffed after 5 pieces!

Beginners Note: The smoke alarm, DID go off.

All you need: Fresh asparagus, 1 package of bacon, olive oil, salt and pepper.

O.P.I Touring America

I was not a huge fan of O.P.I nail polish because the other ones that I had tried took forever to dry. I was given this set of Touring America minis and was impressed with the amount of time it took to dry, less than a minute!

The miniature sets come in all different themes from Pirates of the Caribbean and even Glee!

1. My Address Is "Hollywood"
2. Honk If You Love OPI
3. A-taupe The Space Needle
4. French Quarter For Your Thoughts

My sells at Front & Company

As of recent me and Lyndsey decided to sell our clothes. For what reason? Well, obviously to buy more clothes! I go through my closet every couple of months and after we re-did Lyndsey's closet (seen HERE) we realized it was about time that we sold a few pieces.

We've taken some items to the Unique Boutique in Surrey because Lyndsey's family friend is the owner so it was nice to leave our pieces with someone we trust. I've also taken a few items to Front & Company on Main street. They won't be placing them on the sales floor until next week but if you're interested in these items you should definitely check it out!

1. Cotton sweater with lace hoodie
2. Lulu Lemon classic overnight bag with Black/Lime
3. Vintage purse
4. Aldo purse