Floral State Of Mind

The days have been sunny and super warm lately and although we're already over one month into Spring I've just recently noticed all of the beautiful trees and flowers around me that are in bloom!

It's put me in a more cheerful state of mind and has me wanting all items floral! My first floral purchase of the season was the Zara shorts seen in the post below and now I have my eyes on this top by TOPSHOP!

The pallet of this outfit is bright and cheerful and in opinion - with all of the white - super chic! Now, instead of having it be too pretty and girly of an outfit with the floral and the peplum frill of the skirt, I've counteracted it with the edge of the zippers and the McQueen skull bracelet.

Pointy toe shoes are in this season and I couldn't be happier! A pointy toe makes the leg look longer and dainty - just what we need!

Click on the item description to purchase -
1. TOPSHOP Floral Tee $72
2. Rebecca Minkoff - Mini 5 Zip Clutch $175.99
3. Alexander McQueen - Twin Skull Bracelet $330
4. TOPSHOP Mint Textured Peplum Skirt $68
5. ASOS PARIS Point Court Shoes $39.99

I have some BIG announcements for I See Nosie Prints coming in the next week so stay tuned through the blog, Twitter & Facebook - all I can say is... new items... a great accesssory designer... and major savings!


  1. I have no idea why I wasn't following your blog, I just fixed that!! I love every piece here but that skirt is amazing!



  2. That skirt is seriously so cute! I haven't gotten in the peplum skirt trend yet but I might just need to purchase one.


  3. These pieces would look lovely together! I'm really loving the peplum trend, need to find myself something similar :)