Heads Up!

Thank goodness - It's the weekend! Do you all have some great plans? Last night I spent some quality time with the boy and his friends at the Comedy Mix in Vancouver HI-LA-RI-OUS..and today I'll be re-designing my friend's family's house - a full weekend of home decor! I can't wait!

Today's post is a heads up for posts / events to come - just to prep you guys because you the know the saying - "Always be prepared", it applies to blog posts as well :).

First up!

3 WEEKS OF GIVEAWAYS!!! There will be one giveaway each Monday (April 2nd, 9th, & 16th) for one of these beauties below - stay tuned to enter! (PS. On the 16th there can be 3 winners!)


On April 5th one of my favorite boutiques - and one that I speak out often through Twitter and the blog, Muse Social Fashion House will having a soiree to introduce their Spring 2012 collection with a few perks! You get 10% off all purchases (excluding certain brands), have the opportunity to receive a one of a kind creation from Georgia Heraty of Social Experiment herself while indulging in the best treats! (she really does always have the best treats).

Have fun this weekend and stay safe!

My trip from point A to point B and making it to Z

Last night I had a pleasant discussion with my mom about what I've done to get where I am and how this business works. At times, yes..I feel doubtful and irritated at how everything works and sometimes I feel ecstatic and indestructible!

I recently came across a box filled with newspaper cut outs, trinkets from fashion shows and fashion related events, backstage passes, etc. I had found my "Fashion Box". This was a box I created when I was first able to step into the Fashion Industry and was so inspired and in awe of everything I was a part of I had to keep bits and pieces!

Two items in particular that I had found really hit me to my core. One was a checklist I created and periodically marked off from the first ever fashion show I produced. I can now say comfortably, it was a flop. Although nobody else thought it was, I remember crying in the back at the end to Nery Monzen (a show producer himself). I remember his words vividly; "This is your first show! Nobody expects you to be great, you take what you did and you run with it and work on it". I did exactly what he said and ran right out the door and never did a show again!!! Although I realized show production just wasn't for me.

The second item I found was a newspaper cut out of the Jacquline Conoir Fashion Show. I was a backstage dresser for BC Fashion Week and helped with a few front of house duties - it was one of the very first fashion shows I was a part of. Years later (February 2012) I was in Fashion Magazine with a photo from a JC show and (2 days ago) I proudly sat front row and watched what others had dressed.

This blurb is by no means a shameless self promotion but instead a read for some of you out there that are feeling like no matter how hard you work in the industry, no matter how many clothes you pack in the trunk, how many coffees you pick up, etc. you're just not where you want to be. You just have to wait because good things come those who do. I am also in no way at the top point of my career just yet, but at 24 I have a great handle on everything. Nothing in the this business comes for free and if it does then check the expiration date - no handouts, just helpful tips.

Cherish EVERY moment of what you do in this industry because it takes you places that you didn't even think of. Say hello and introduce yourself to EVERY person you meet at EVERY event because these are the people you will be spending your years with. Don't take any moment for granted because it makes you who you are.


The In Between

I just recently started wearing my Club Monaco military parka again once the weather started to give us a turn for the better. We've had some incredibly beautiful days and then before you know the abominable snowman decides it's time to take a walk in the downtown core and ruins it for everyone.

This outfit is the in between. It's for the those days that have us putting the heat up and the windows down with sunnies on our smiling faces! I stuck with a neutral and darker palette since being inspired by the JAC Fall/ Winter 2012 fashion show last night.

In case you missed out on it you can see all of my tweets from the evening through the OY&CO twitter account HERE.

Click on the item description to purchase -
1. J.Crew Swing open-knit cotton-blend sweater $150
2. TEXTILE Elizabeth and James Robinson cotton-canvas parka $146
3. Yves Saint Laurent Square-toed leather ballet flats $485
4. J.CrewBlair stretch cotton-twill shorts $70
5. ASOS ID Plaque Bracelet $10.74
6. Proenza Schouler PS11 textured-leather tote $1350
7. Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick Nude Vanilla $48

I See Noise @ Portobello West Market RECAP!

I had a busy weekend at the Portobello West Market! I met some of you oh so fabulous readers, passed on my I See Noise Prints and spent 16 hours with Eric and the fabulous jewelry designer at the booth next to me (you'll find out who during a giveaway April 2nd)!

Thank you so-so-so much to everyone who came out to support myself and my prints. I really appreciate you coming out to see the metallic lovelies and even just to say "Hello!".

Also, if you didn't already know..Lauren from L.A. In The Bay is having a giveaway for the 24K Gold Chanel No. 5 Perfume Bottle - you should stop by and enter to win it! I'm overcome with how many entries have been placed in just 24 hours - we're going on almost 200! I'm starting to think perhaps you guys like my prints? Hehe!

Here are a few snippets from market for those of you who couldn't make it!

My Fat Little Rule Book

(Photo taken from www.JacquieSomerville.com)

Thanks to Brendan Bailey PR and author Jacquie Somerville I was please to attend the book launch of "My Fat Little Rule Book" at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. In a nutshell, this clever and incredibly informed read describes how a fashionista reconciles with becoming a foodie! This is something I'm sure most of us have struggled with. How do we shed those unwanted pounds while still looking fabulous in our sought out trends??

This is not your typical "weight loss" book with rules on how to lose the weight and also lose a part of your soul in the process but rather Jacquie's personal experiences and mantras on what she did day to day - how it worked for her, and how it can work for you. Trust me, I saw her - the woman's a statuesque toned gazelle!!

Her mantras and experiences go much further than weight loss, it applies to all aspects of your life and how important it is to set goals. You can apply her words to just about anything going on.

It was such a pleasure to meet Jacquie and hear her read snippets from her new book - the book should hit shelves in just a few weeks but if you want to be one of the first to grab a copy Jacquie is giving away 10 free copies to the first 10 people to join her online community - click HERE for more deets!

Although I'm not in the market to currently loose weight (my tonsil surgery did that for me - hello Vegas pool side!) I can't wait to read "My Fat Little Rule Book" and learn some mantras and ideas that can help in other areas of life!

PS. Lauren from L.A In The Bay is having a giveaway for one of my I See Noise Prints!! Check it out HERE!

I See Noise @ The Portobello West Market

Hey Guys & Gals!

Today and tomorrow I'll be at the Portobello West Market in the Olympic Village selling my I See Noise prints! Come by and say "Hi!" to myself and Eric we'll be there from 10:30am - 5:00pm.

Admission is $2 and it'll be a jam packed area with a ton of designers and artists - should be a great time and a fun way to spend your weekend!

If you can't make it you can follow my tweets and instagram photos HERE.

Shopping Finds - a few weeks in one

Gah! I've been so busy with my I See Noise prints that I haven't found the time to sit down and do this shopping post! I've been wanting to do one since I had my surgery 4 weeks ago when I stumbled over to H&M on double T3s and did some shopping (PS. Not a good idea).

I've been obsessing over my latest items and can't wait to share them with you guys! I'm sure there a few items that you'll go grab yourselves.

The infamous floral cropped pants from H&M for only $14.95! I can't wait to wear them more often, and the H&M Blazer for only $39.50 is probably the most perfect blazer I've owned. It cinches at the waist, is the perfect length in the arms and fits the shoulders. Overall - a great purchase. You may recognize the fuchsia Blair Ritchey clutch as well!

I finally used my Zara gift card that Eric had gotten me for Christmas - it took me forever! This top is super cute on, fitted yet billowy and easy to wear. It has great texture and a lot of fun to style!

I went into Club Monaco to pick up some new denim and left with an entire outfit! This silk motorcycle jacket is hard to NOT wear. I've wearing it for days and it goes with many outfits - it's lightweight for easy wear and perfect for a warmer day. The white Club Monaco tee is a staple. You can get a white tee anywhere but I prefer the texture of this one - it's a bit thicker and has a few design elements that steer it away from a basic tee.

I nabbed this gem of a necklace at Violet Hill Boutique in Richmond. I was drawn to it immediately and had to have it! It's so simple to wear but has that wow factor with the outfit. Designed by Belle Noel in collaboration with Kim Kardashian.

This astrology sign bracelet is also from Violet Hill Boutique. It works perfectly with cute arm parties or just on its own.

Elysia Samy from  DeLysh Design makes great monogram vases and it was the perfect addition to my coffee table. She's made some super cute bunny vases for Easter!

C/O of Social Experiment this super pretty and simple chain bracelet. It's the best when I want to wear something on my wrists but don't want to pile on the arm parties. You can see more from Social Experiment by clicking on the advertisement to the right side bar.

I bought this necklace from The Doctor's Closet during our Vancouver Blogger Clothing Sale for only $5! I've been able to wear it as a necklace and a bracelet and am trying to find a way to wear it in my hair for a pretty boho look.

Lilac nails are in! They really had a pop of color to my outfits (as seen in the photo below) and throw in a touch of Spring time to cheer me up from this drab Vancouver weather we've been having!...it SNOWED the other day...IT'S MID MARCH! Sally Hansen - Lacey Lilac

You may have seen this amazing to do list by Life's A Journal on Aliciafashionista - she includes E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G that you need for your day from Tasks, Cleaning & Purchases to Goals, Events, how much water you should drink and what you're eating from Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
To get your own click HERE.

Sterling Shoes Snap Your Style Contest

Photo by Evaan Kheraj

Spring is finally at Sterling Shoes and to kick it off they've put together the "Snap Your Style" contest! Sterling Shoes is gving away 10 prizes including a $1,000 Sterling gift card - do you even realize how many shoes you can get with that gift card with their prices?! A LLLOOOTTT!! To see all of the prizes given away click HERE.

So, what do you have to do to get a years worth of shoes? It's simple!

Upload a photo of yourself  head to toe in your personal style and tell the judges why you should be Sterling's style to watch! This is your chance to get creative and really show who you are through your own fashion style. The winner will be showcased on the Sterling Shoes official website as well!

The judging pannel is comprised of Sterling Buyer and Partly Sunny blogger SunnyShum, Sterling Senior Brand Manager Lisa Eaton and The Anthology’s Kelsey Dundon.

Entries started being accept as of March 16 and will go until May 15. So what are you waiting for??? GO TAKE PHOTOS! GOOD LUCK!

....and now for something you've all been waiting a week for. Who won the fuchsia Lulu by Blair Ritchey??

CONGRATULATIONS to Amanda Hiesey - you officially have your must have clutch of the season! Thank you to Amanda and everyone else who entered in the giveaway - your support for The-Unprecedented and Blair Ritchey is truley appreciated! xoxo

Friday Treats

Happy Friday beauties!

I have an insanely busy day ahead of me and I feel like I've woken up too late! Tomorrow is the Vancouver Blogger Clothing Sale at the Waldorf Hotel (WHICH I BETTER SEE YOU AT!!!) and to be honest I haven't even started going through my wardrobe to see what I'm selling! I still need to make all of my I See Noise prints that will be for sale as well and all of this has to be done by 4:30 so I can start getting ready for the blogger event at Violet Hill Boutique tonight.

So while I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off I thought you would enjoy a fun short video that I found on Rachel Zoe's site. She recently did a fab spread for The Hollywood Reporter on her new Spring line and her and Skyler couldn't be more chic!

Enjoy! xoxo

H&M outfits under $100!

I received such a great response from my last post on H&M outfits under $100 that I decided it was time for another one!

Right now H&M has a great sale going on - however none of these items are on sale but they are still complete outfits under $100..which come on...is a bargain!...I have to admit tho..I went over by $2 on one of them so they're ALMOST under budget!! Sorry, I couldn't resist :)

Have you just purchased any outfits under $100 from H&M recently? What did you get?? Let me know in the comment section!

Outfit 1: Gold metallic tank + white denim + beige blazer = $64.85
Outfit 2: Python printed trousers + pink sleeveless tank + gold wreath necklace = $74.85

Outfit 1: Floral printed blouse + black knee length skirt + gold bracelet = $102
Outfit 2: Beige trousers + white sleeveless tank + blue blazer = $94.85

PS. Don't forget to enter in the Blair Ritchey giveaway below or just click HERE!

real look

Today's look isn't one that is on the wish list - it's one that I will be wearing this weekend! I am so in love with the floral pants from H&M but haven't had a chance to wear them yet because I've been in recovery from my surgery - lame! Friday night is a great blogger event at Violet Hill Boutique hosted by Monika of The Doctor's Closet and I can't wait to sport these babies! 

The outfit revolves around the pants. The boyfriend blazer is a great causal but chic substitute for a jacket and the white tank is basic making it easy to accessories. I still can't decide between a pump or these strappy wedges - what do you think? Let me know in the comment section!

Oh..and the clutch? No brainer! I just received this Lulu clutch from Blair Ritchey and it was the perfect final addition to the outfit. If you want one too you can enter to win one in my latest giveaway HERE!

1. H&M Tank - but will really be wearing a white silk Club Monaco "Loren" Tank
2. H&M Blazer - $39.95
3. H&M Floral Trousers - $14.95
5. Charlotte Russe wedges - $35.00

The Women Who Tweet

Today's post is to celebrate the lovely women that not only dominate the Fashion & Style industry but also take over my Twitter feed. These women in the industry are incredibly accomplished and have the ambitions and experience to inspire me day to day - which is why I love to read and re-tweet their tweets!

I would like to share their Twitter handles with all of you in the hopes that you too will follow them and be inspired and informed with what they have to say. From international style stars to the local ladies that we love in Vancouver - they'll all make you you stop and read.

If you don't have your own Twitter account - that's fine! These ladies have open profiles so that you can read their tweets even without an account.

Now my lists on these women can go on and on - as I have A LOT of them that I follow but currently these are my favorites!

Jeanne Beker – Host of Fashion Television @Jeanne_Beker
Anna Wintour – Editor in chief of Vogue Magazine @ANNA__WINTOUR
Lauren Conrad - Blogger and Author @LaurenConrad
Bernadette Morra – Editor In Cheif of Fashion Magazine @BernadetteMorra
Susie Sheffman – Editor At Large of Fashion Magazine & Fashion Editor at Dealuxe.com @ssheffman
Lisa Tant – Editor In Cheif of Flare Magazine @LisaTant
Olivia Polermo - Blogger & Style Icon @therealoliviaP
Nina Garcia – Fashion Editor at Marie Claire Magazine @ninagarcia
Suzanne Scott – Beauty Writer at Elle Magazine @Suzanne_ELLE
Erika Bearman – Oscar de la Renta Public Relations @OscarPRGirl
Anna Dello Russo – Editor At Large for Vogue Japan @annadellorusso
Hilary Alexander – Fashion Editor Daily Telegraph @HilaryAlexander
Victoria Beckham - Designer & Style Icon @victoriabeckham
Rachel Zoe - Stylist @rachelzoe

Lyndi Barrett – Lj Public Relations @LyndiBarret 
Nadia Albano - Nadia Albano Style Inc. @nadiaalbano
Rebecca Rawlinson – Owner of Rebecca Bree Boutique @RebeccaRaw
Ovey Yeung – Creater of OY Marketing Communications @Oyco
Soha Lavin – Wedding Planner & Owner of Countdown Events @CountDownEvents
Christie Lohr – Creator of Style Nine to Five @Christie_Lohr
Lisa Kwong – PR Specialist @lisa_kwong
Joyce Poon – President, CEO & Founder of Noir Lash Lounge @joyce_poon
Claudia Da Ponte – Stylist @claudiadaponte 
Brittany Law – Editor In Chief of Style Republic Magazine @StyleRepublic


Blair Ritchey Lulu Giveaway!

I've been waiting for today for a while - I get to share one of my favorite items with all of you! So, you know Blair, right? Blair Ritchey? Ya - the fantastic bag designer...ya see I knew you knew her! Well, she's so hyped on her new Spring Summer 2012 collection that she wanted to give away one of her favorite (and mine) fuchsia Lulu clutches! Isn't she sweet??

For those of you that aren't familiar with Blair, here's the rundown: Shes a bombshell clutch designer from Pennsylvania with a passion for design, fashion, art, food and all things fabulous!

(image taken by myself)

The Fuchsia Lulu that Blair and I are giving away is made of soft genuine lambskin, lined with black brushed canvas, gold metal hardware and comes with a detachable coordinating lambskin tassel! The Lulu retails between $135.00 - $165.00 and is the perfect size for all of your heading-out-the-door essentials, to be your final addition to a night-out outfit or to just use as an overnight carryall - love it!

To see her current collection of clutches you should go to her official site HERE or order through Etsy HERE.

I'm going to be sporting my new fuchsia Lulu clutch at a few events here in Vancouver and have been able to use it for running casual errands day to day - it's pretty versatile.

1. Follow Blair Ritchey on Twitter HERE
2. Follow The-Unprecedented on Twitter HERE
3. Tweet "@RandaSalloum that fuchsia Lulu from @BlairRitchey is a must have!"

Extra Entries
1. Like Blair Ritchey on Facebook HERE
2. Like The-Unprecedented on Facebook HERE
3. Post on the wall of The-Unprecedented "That fuchsia Lulu from Blair Ritchey is a must have!"

Please Note: Entries posted without a "follow" or "like" will not be considered in the giveaway.

The giveaway starts today Monday March 12th and will end on Monday March 19th. The winner will be announced on Tuesday March 20th!

Here are some additional Blair Ritchey items that I'm currently lusting over...

(images taken by Blair - photoshop by myself)

PS. Blair currently has some new items being added to her shop such as a python cross body...yeah, that's right. 

the button down

Today's outfit is relaxed but well put together. I'm a fan of the button down blouse - it's the one item in your wardrobe that can make you look effortless chic. It goes well with denim, trousers, shorts, skirts...pretty much everything! Adding the sky high heel and the pop of color in the watch and purse this look can go from day with the girls to a fun dinner with your guy at night!

Click on the item description to purchase -
1. Stella McCartney Striped linen and cotton-blend shirt $243.25
2. KATHARINE HAMNETT Amy low-rise skinny jeans $72
3. ASOS Pastel Jelly Watch $32.23
4. Steve Madden DYNEMITE - TAUPE SDE $89.95
5. Rebecca Minkoff - Bombe Mac Clutch  $250

Let's make KONY Famous!

As bloggers and people who live our lives on this earth we have a voice. I would like to share a little bit of my voice with all of you on one topic.

I'm sure by now you have been bombarded on your Facebook time lines with the objective to make Joseph Kony famous. If you are unaware about this horrifying act that is going on, much like I was 48 hours ago - you want to educated yourself on this.

In a nutshell, Joseph Kony from Uganda, Africa recruits young children to be a part of this army. An army that forces these children to kill their parents and those in their town. An army that uses young girls in the sex trade.

Thanks to Jason Russel who has brought this to the worlds attention - his tactics over the past 8 years have brought all of us to this moment in 2012 when we can finally stop Kony.

Please take the next 30 minutes to watch this video and another 2 second to like the Facebook page for Bloggers Making Joseph Kony Famous HERE and the Twitter page HERE.


Please take the above video and photo to spread these around on all of your social media accounts - LET'S MAKE KONY FAMOUS not to applaud him, but to stop him. My friends and I are in support of TRI and will be joinging Vancouver on April 20th. Will I see you there?

The official hash tags for this are #KONY2012 & #BloggersAgainstKony


5% and a little more that catches my eye

It's mid week and I've been doing a lot of rest and relaxation. I had a second surgery yesterday that was prompted due to some major bleeding near my first operation, scary stuff. Only 5% of patients reach that side effect and naturally I would be in that percentile! During these rougher days I've been keeping busy as well with my I See Noise prints - which by the way I have just re-stocked the shop and added 2 new prints! Check them out HERE.

If you're following me on Instagram then you know what's been catchng my eye lately - if not, here ya go!

From left to right:
Myself before the #OscarsAtCinema event in H&M dress and BCBG necklace / My new good read / A special gift for the first 50 shoppers at the Vancouver Blogger Clothing Sale March 17th @ The Waldorf Hotel / Essie Borrowed & Blue / A sparkle mani on a stranger / Arm party from my second surgery yesterday

Stay tuned next week for a great post on shopping finds and a new giveaway!

H&M outfits all under $100!!

Today is day 6 of recovery! I'm feeling a bit better but the struggle is still there. I kept my mind off of it with some online window shopping yesterday on www.hm.com and couldn't help but notice all the great pieces and prices!

I first went onto the site to show Eric a pair of floral printed pants that I've had my eye on and needed him to call the store to place them on hold. Because I couldn't speak I couldn't do it myself and it was really funny because he had no idea what he was calling about. Thankfully he placed them on hold! Great job babe!

So, like I said the pieces and prices are all really great right now and obviously when I go in I won't be able to leave with just the pants. I've put together 7 outfits that I want and that you would all love as well....ALL UNDER $100!!!!

Happy shopping!

Outfit 1: Yellow sleeveless blouse + metallic skirt = $99.90
Outfit 2: Beige pea coat + floral sundress = $69.90
Outfit 3: Black bikini = $34.95

Outfit 1: Python printed sleeveless blouse + red skinny pant = $42.90
Outfit 2: Bird printed sleeveless blouse + navy skinny pant = $59.90/center>

Outfit 1: Sequin front tee + black skinny pant = $49.90
Outfit 2: Black sleeveless blouse + floral skinny pant = $54.90,

Deborah Lippman polish picks

It's day #5 of recovery after my tonsil surgery and I am finally able to eat something! I have to say though this whole bed arrest idea is getting a little old and I could really use some retail therapy or a good mani/pedi at Pure Nail Bar!

To get me excited I perused through the Deborah Lippman collection and was instantly inspired for some new outfits!

Here are my picks from the current collection that are a must have in yours!

From right to left:
Stairway To Heaven, Baby Love, Glamorous Life, Day Tripper, Some Enchanting Evening, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, I's Raining Men, Shape Of My Heart, Between The Sheets, Believe, Fashion, Mermaids Dream, On The Beach, I Know What Boys Like

Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2012

You're probably thinking "uhm what? Fall 2012? I'm still waiting for Summer to roll around!" well you know the fashion world doesn't wait for anyone and they're always the next season ahead. How else would we know about trends and forecasting?!

The new Fall 2012 Pantone colors are out and I'm super excited about these lovely shades! I thought it would be great to share with you guys so that you can get a head start on your transition shopping items. During the Spring and Summer months be sure to find plenty of pieces that can easily transition into Fall with these colors. You never know, you may even find these exact colors - buy them!

Click HERE to see the designers and influence rs behind these great colors and how they became decided for Fall 2012.

Images courtesy of Pantone Fashion + Home Official Site