Snipits of my life: Part 6 - My closet

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope everyone's got some major plans tonight and I'm sure you have your outfits planned out to the very last detail. Joshua, Lyndsey's boyfriend is having a party at his home tonight and I can't wait!

Since it's the last day of the year I thought why not have my last post be my favorite! I've been waiting for a long time to post about my closet and it's still not complete but I thought I'd share it with you all for some new year inspiration on your own closets.

I have a ton of merch and it's kind of crazy to see how much I really own especially since I got rid of half of what I owned! Thankfully in my new place I'm lucky enough to have an entire room dedicated to my closet - with enough space for everything. It's actually a bit disgusting when you think about it, I have way too many items LOL!

My Clothes | I like to hang my clothing in a certain order. The top rod - tanks > short sleeves > long sleeves. All organized by color in each category.
The bottom rod - shorts > skirts > pants > dresses > blazers/wraps > jackets. All organized by color in each category. It cuts the outfitting process down by 50%.

The details around the closet (ie. lamp, candles, mirror) give a special feel to the area letting it be much more comfortable and inspiring to dress in. I find it important to have all of the same hangers. Besides the organizing and flow it will also keep the spacing between each item the same and you won't find it in one big clump!

Simple hooks on the wall can create space for anything you need. I've used my hooks for my scarves. I took the idea from Club Monaco - they use theirs for bags and belts.

My shoes | Much like my clothing I organize them by category and color. Starting with a simple open toe and ending with flats. Having my shoes on display makes it much easier to choose one for an outfit. Even if you don't have a large shelf much like mine you can still display them in many different ways. If you haven't yet, it's a great idea to invest in some boot shapers. They keep the shape of your boots when not in wear and have them last much longer. I purchased mine from the dollar store for only $1.50.

I'll be painting the shelf white to keep the theme I have going.

My accessories | Just like the shoes, having your accessories on display will allow you to wear all that you own. You can purchase the holders and trays on eBay or at Michaels. It will also keep them in a better condition and will not tarnish from rubbing against each other. In the first photo above you can see 2 glass vases with belts and socks. Simple and pretty ways of organizing your items will make you want to wear them even more than you already do.

My bags are organized by type of bag, if yours come with a dust bag you should use it!

Every girl should own a vanity table! It adds a touch of elegance to your space and makes for a great space to lay out all your makeup to get ready. Plus, they're pretty!

Holiday Brights

Today's post is about brights! Whether you find it difficult to add color into your wardrobe or just need some inspiration, today's post is for you.

I just recently wrote an article for Kenton Magazine on how to wear bright colors in the colder seasons. To get some quick tips check out the article HERE.

For Christmas, Eric's parents gifted me with a beautiful "Cabana" necklace by Lia Sofia! With the gold accents and hushed blue it can work with so many outfits as my pop on color or just a light shade on an already bright top, just like above!

This great shade of blue polish by Illamasqua also made it's way into my stocking this Christmas (thanks cuz!). It'll be a great addition to a ton of outfits.

Shopping Finds - Boxing Day Home Decor

My first stop for Boxing Day was The Cross Decor & Design in Yaletown. I figured it was the best time to use my gift card that I had won from their photo contest at the beginning of December. I purchased a few items for my place and for my new washroom which is being built at the moment.

One item which stumped Tara and I was a lovely ceramic stool / side table that was at the front by the door. I passed it a few times but didn't think anything of it until right before I left. I knew it was a great addition to my place to add right beside my bookshelf. Here's the was originally over $400 and I got it for $40! It has a major crack as if part of it had fell off and they glued it back together but you can't even see it because it's on one side that doesn't need to be shown. I was ecstatic!! I had to leave it there while I shopped and was told that more people wanted to purchase it. Finders, keepers!

(Left to right: The ceramic glory for only $40, trinkets for my new washroom including a Laguna 2 wick candle by Voluspa.)

I've mentioned before that Michaels always has great deals especially after a holiday and boy was I right! All of their Christmas decor is only 60% off! I landed this ornate candle holder for only $7 after discount.

Have you found any great shopping finds this holiday? Let me know!

Shopping Finds - Boxing Day

I hope everyone is still enjoying their holiday - only 3 more days until we get to countdown to the new year!

For us Canadians Boxing Day was just 2 days ago and it's equivalent to Black Friday in the US. When I was younger I wouldn't miss a boxing day and had to go to every mall with my friends just to buy items we didn't need. It's been about 2-3 years since I made plans to go shopping on the day because the sales just weren't good enough to get out of bed for. This year they were! BCBG had 50% - 60% off the entire store and it was insane I couldn't even breathe in there and if I had more patience I would have tried on clothes but stuck with accessories. The Gap was up to 60% off, Top Shop was super cheap and the line up for shoes was like an hour long. The Cross Decor and Design was up to 80% off and you wouldn't believe what I got for what price. I'll show you in a post tomorrow! My mindset for shopping was "great deals to take me into my Spring wardrobe".

However, amongst all of the fun boxing day shopping I was incredibly peeved off by the sales associates at The Room at The Bay. I wasn't trying anything on from The Room but was from The White Space and they were refusing to allow me to try on clothes in their fitting rooms because it's only for customers who are purchasing from The Room - even though my friend wanted shoes from there. I felt embarrassed and inferior and waited until a room opened. The sales woman let me try on the clothing and I have never felt so bad trying on clothes, I left with a horrible taste in my mouth. You're telling me that I can't try on clothing that is all on the same floor and from the same store in a certain fitting room area? Talk about segregation.

Anyways, now to my finds!

I got this great hat, perfect for the colder days and great for the early Spring months! Only $27 after 50% off at BCBG. The scarf is from the Gap and only $13.97 after discount. It's an easy way to add a pop of color to my outfits without going overboard.

I nabbed this ring from BCBG for only $14! I saw it for the first time on Jen from Her Waise Choice and had to have it.

Top Shop was a great place to find some deals, IF you can find your size. The top was only $25 and a great color addition to my wardrobe. The pants were $38 and unfortunately I bought the wrong size and have to return them today. I hope they have my size!

I purchased some more items from The Cross and Winners for my place and will show you tomorrow!

What amazing deals did you find during your Boxing Day spree?? Let me know!

Merry Christmas!

Don't you love the lop-sided tree, non-organized ornaments and presents covering the whole bottom and fireplace? Lol I do! That's Christmas at my parents house in a nutshell. There are even presents tucked under the tree that you can't see, so many!

Merry Christmas! I hope you all are enjoying your holiday and having a blasty blast with your family and friends. Today myself, mom, dad and my brother getting together at my brother's house for a gift exchange and a traditional Arabian brunch. Yum! I'm still stuffed from our huge dinner lastnight - tis the holiday to eat!

Enjoy your Sunday and make the most of this holiday! :)


Spreading the joys of Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I'm extremely excited about today I'm having a big family dinner at my aunts house tonight and will be stuffing my face full of my dad's homemade Baklava!

There is a lot to be thankful for this holiday and I could go on and on about what they may be but I would like to share with you a lovely holiday treat I received from Jasmine Zhu of Poser Series. I was thrilled to see that she had nominated me for the Leibster Blog Award! I was unfamiliar with this award until I read more about it and was even more pleased at what it was that I couldn't help but feel so appreciative. I have been welcomed into this blogging community with open arms and feel the support of everyone - Thank you!

The Liebster Blog Award is given to up-coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kindly, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

The rules for the Liebster Blog Award are:

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
3. Copy & paste the blog award on your blog
4. Reveal your 5 blog picks.
5. Let them know you chose them by leaving a comment on their blog.

Thank you Jasmine, you are so sweet to nominate me - I'm glad we are joining into the blogging community at the same time!

My top 5 picks for blogs with less than 200 followers are: (I'm unsure if its followers on google connect, twitter or facebook so I'm going with google connect!)

1. Dash of Blonde
2. Poser Series
3. Belle Epoque
4. The Signature Bow
5. Realm Of Rachel

These 5 ladies are all Vancity bloggers and have all entered the blogsphere at the same time as myself. They have fantastic senses of style, a creative flare and a great voice to be heard.


the clocks are ticking

Christmas Eve is tomorrow! Can you believe it?! I'm extremely excited and have to say I don't even know what I'm going to wear just yet. I bet a lot of you are on the same page and are going to get dressed under the time crunch that is the 6 o'clock dinner parties.

I saw my mom's New Year's Eve outfit and loved the color pallet, it's inspired me for this last minute outfit that will work on most shapes. The dress has such a demure shape which is ultra feminine and chic. The fur coat is exactly on trend and perfect for the cold nights with high platform wedges for a bit of edge and height.

Taking the olive gold tones from the dress add in the gold bangles for a simple but put together accessory and the clutch is your color!

Click on the item description to purchase -
1. Taylor Patina at the Party Dress $138.99
2. Michael Michael Kors Faux fur coat $225
3. ASOS Faux Snake Metal Tip Clutch $36.36
4. Blu Bijoux Gold Coil Bangles $42
5. Giuseppe Zanotti Giuseppe Zanotti - I10132 (Nero) $815.99

Tiny Treasures

Today's post is about the smaller items in your space that make the biggest difference. I'm a big fan of little treasures that have no use but sparkle and shine in your home - they add a touch of positivity!

I wanna share with you my "Treasure Table". Throughout my entire space I have the little favorite items like crystal candle holders, silver and gold picture frames, glass vases etc. but one area of my place holds a family of treasures.

Over a year ago I located a lovely french style table from The Salvation Army originally in the color black. This beauty was only $20 and now looks much more costly, painted white and taken care of it adds a great look to my space.

On top it carries my finds from around Vancouver. A beautiful silver mirror with just enough detail, a statue of a lady which is reminiscent of a Valentino sketch (also originally in black and from Value Village), a photo of Eric and myself during one of our favorite times together, a silver skull to add that edge, a crystal doorknob, an oil lamp for a vintage flare and a geometric star for that modern touch, and to add one more touch of "pretty" 2 crystal candlestick holders with long white soy candlesticks.

I think it's important to keep a theme going, for me it was white, silver and crystal. It creates a sentimental and ornate area in my place and adds a touch of fancy :). Having a mirror creates a larger area through the reflection, it helps considering I don't think I'll be tearing down any walls anytime soon!

Silver decorative mirror - Shefields Home from Winners $29.99
Silver photo frame - gifted
Silver skeleton skull - from the dollar store $8
Silver candle holder - from Bath and Body Works - $8.50 (used a coupon = FREE!)
Crystal candlestick holders - from winners $5 each
Soy candle sticks - From Fort Langley $2 for 2
White statue - from Value Village $15
Oil lamp - used to be my moms
Silver geometric star - from Front & Company $18

Do you have a treasure table? What's on it?!

Bright skin for the holidays

During the holidays you end up being the suspect of tons of family photos and holiday party photos with friends and of course choosing the perfectly cut dress for new years that may show off your back. You wouldn't choose to show off red spots on your face or caked on makeup and even blemishes on your back from scarring in your new - new years dress!

At the beginning of last Spring I need a new cleansing routine for my face and my body. My original products just were not cutting it for me, I must have had a major change with my hormones and what not but I knew I needed something to match what was going on. You can see the changed routine HERE. I don't suffer from face acne but I do have a few red spots and some blemishes because when I do get pimples...I just can't help it, I have to touch them! I know you guys do too.

I will admit that in high school I did suffer from sever acne on my back and nothing worked to cure it. I didn't know any better and fussed around with them and now have scars everywhere - it gets really troubling especially when I want to wear a swim suit in the summer or a different cut top or dress. If you've been through it too you know what I'm talking about. Now a days I do get a few here and there but not as bad.

I have finally found a cleansing routine that is working so well, I don't need to wear foundation on my face and the scars are eliminating on my back!!

FOR THE FACE - I don't like to wear foundation or coverup so my mission is clearer and brighter skin.

In the morning:
Step 1 - Ole Henriksen "Pick Me Up" face tonic (to eliminate the appearance of pores)
Step 2 - Marcelle Essentials moister cream (to keep my skin hydrated, feeling silky and eliminates the appearance of lines and wrinkles)

Before bed:
Step 1 - Dessert Essentials "Thoroughly Clean Face Wash" with organic Tea Tree Oil and Awapuhi (to cleanse my skin and help with the radiance of it)
Step 2 - Marcelle Essentials night cream (to preserve my skin's moisture)

Before bed: I use Treemenda 100% Tea Tree Oil - I must warn you...the smell is SO strong! So definitely only apply it before you sleep and wear clothing you don't mind getting the smell on it and also your loved one you sleep beside needs to get a brief warning, it's only fair! This is a natural antiseptic and germicide and has been eliminating the acne scars on my back!

I hope you all find a routine that works for you - so far mine's doing great things for my skin! What routine do you use or do you even use one?

Holiday Gift Giving - The Swag Box

A few weeks ago I had given you all the idea for a fun type of gift-giving - The Swag Bag! You can see the post HERE. I had decided that it was a great idea for me to follow as well and created 2 swag bags for my girlfriends for Christmas.

Instead of using bags I found great gold glitter boxes at Winners and filled them with goodies that I thought they would be enjoy and a few others that were tailored to each person. We had a budget of $30 per person (I went over a bit...shhh...!!) It's a creative way to get your girls useful items that they would love.

In Lyndsey's:
Light hair spin pins
Black rhinestone iPhone case
Fluer de lis wine stopper
Essie nail polish
Gold stone and chain Aldo bracelet
Starbucks gift card

In Tamar's
Dark hair spin pins
Flue de lis wine stopper
Essie nail polish
Starbucks gift card
Silver and blue rhinestone Aldo necklace
Paint brush
NYX Cosmetics eyeshadow

...and of course chocolates and candy canes for both :)

How are you gifting your girlfriends this year? Share the deets!

Floral for fall

How many of you wear floral in the fall/winter? The trees are bare and there isn't a lot of green thumbs around but that doesn't mean you can't blast it all over your clothes! This outfit does scream the dos of Spring and the don'ts of winter especially with the color palette and patterns but it's a great way to bring in some cheer to your wardrobe without wearing such bright colors. If it's extremely chilly outside then pair it with some black tights and black booties - it's simple, plus rules are meant to be broken ;).

Click on the item description to purchase -
1. Miss Selfridge Navy Skinny Lapel Blazer $76
2. Marni Paneled floral-print silk dress $491.75from $1405
3. Thomas Wylde Textured-leather tote $288.75
4. Miss Selfridge Brushed Metal Cuff $16
5. Loeffler Randall Winifred ruched flat $207
6. THE ROW D-frame acetate sunglasses $119.99

Shopping Finds - and some quick deals!

Yesterday was a fantastic day for shopping, let me tell you. Lyndsey and I headed over to Pacific Center in Vancouver not to shop for ourselves but to shop for Lynds's boyfriend Joshua. I can't tell you what she purchased for him... it's top secret. Plus he reads my blog. (HI JOSH!!!)

Anyways, as we wandered to scout out this top secret mission gift we may have stumbled into every store imaginable for ourselves a few stores and every time we did, BAM! central.

I needed to stop in Jacob to grab a great nail polish they have in the color I've been searching for and it was only $6. Right now they have a promotion going on where if you purchase anything they scan a promo sheet and it's like Russian Roulette for discounts. I got $10 off my purchase! So I had to buy another polish and got 2 polishes for $2!! Lyndsey also got the $10 off and got her shirt for $15!

(Cashmere Cardigan & Runway Diva)

Then as we left La Senza there was a lovely girl from Bath & Body Works handing out $10 off coupons - they're handing them out until the 18th so you better go take advantage of it! I wasn't in the mood for any lotions or candles. etc. So instead I purchased a silver cut out candle holder which was only $8.95 and used my $10 coupon and got it for free!! You know that promo they always have? Where you can buy 3 lotions, body mists, gels, etc. and get 3 for free? Well Lyndsey used her $10 off coupon and got 6 of whatever for only like $15!!

THEN as I was walking down the lovely scenic streets of Hastings to get my newly made tank from Lindsay at Standing Armed I got a tweet from The Cross Decor & Design telling me that I've won the photo contest and get a $100 gift card!!

(Tank from Standing Armed made in black from the SS12 collection)

I gotta say, I should have purchased a lottery ticket yesterday cause with my luck I probably would have won the jackpot!

Have you found any awesome deals out there? Let me know!

Something old...Something new

On Monday I decided I was going to quickly cleanse my computer of all my old blog photos, documents I don't need anymore and place everything into the proper folder. "Quickly" turned into a 1.5 hour cleanse but I must say it was truly worth it! If you have the time you should do it as well because a clear space is a clear mind.

While I was "clearing my mind" I came across an old photo taken of the engagement ring Eric and I purchased from the Flea Market 1.5 years ago. I should probably make it clear that WE ARE NOT ENGAGED. On a trip to the flea market one weekend I noticed this ring and immediately fell in love with it for a few reasons. 1) It's identical to my mother's engagement ring. 2) The Vintage feel and story behind it (there are initials carved into the inside). 3) Yellow gold with a mix of white gold.

The next weekend we went back to purchase it for $120 and quickly took it to be appraised. We were ecstatic to find out it was a setting that they don't make anymore from the late 1950's early 1960's and worth almost 6 times the amount we purchased it for! However, when we get engaged I don't think we'll end up using this ring because of the negative connotations involved with the ring. There are only so many ways it got into the hands of the seller - either she passed away, got divorced, it was stolen or she lost it.

Either way I still love it, it's something old to someone else but it's something new to me!

On a side note, today is the LAST day for the photo contest by The Cross Decor & Design and the more votes the better! Please stop by THIS link and click "like" if you like it! It would be greatly appreciated!

I've been illustrated!

I am THRILLED to show you all my new sketch by Russian fashion illustrator Lena Ker. Ever since coming across her blog in the middle of the year I have been obsessed with her artwork and had to have my own sketch. I'll be using them to create my newly designed business cards and can't wait to hand them out!

What do you all think of Lena's sketch?

Downtown meets Uptown

The moment I saw this better-than-ever Proenza skirt I immediately knew the color palette I needed to pair with it. The great idea behind this skirt is that not only can you do the obvious neutral palette but you can also dress it up or down with pops of color!

For fall, I paired it with some black booties to tie in with the black in the skirt, a maroon basic tee for a casual feel, the jacket brings in the chic, the fedora brings in the downtown and you can`t forget - the sparkle!

Click on the item description to purchase-
1. Etoile Isabel MarantPooka burnout-jersey T-shirt $87.50
2. CarvenWool-blend felt cocoon coat $582
3. Proenza Schouler Intarsia wool-blend mini skirt $675
4. BaubleBar Chevron Necklace $38
5. Alaia curved-wedge suede ankle boots $680
6. Rag & BoneLeather-trimmed wool-felt fedora $105

A Modern Nostalgic - Biko Jewellery

First I need to start off by saying that I'm extremely excited about today's post. A few weeks ago I created a wish list jammed packed with fabulous items by Corrine Anestopoulos from Biko Jewellery and was THRILLED when I finally met her yesterday at the One Of A Kind show, and got to see all of her pieces in person! FIY, she's just as lovely as her pieces!

Thanks to Michelle from Knot PR for giving me the opportunity to be introduced to her designs - I have officially found one of my favorite jewelery designers of all time!

A little bit about Corrine -

Q. When and why did she begin to design jewelery?
A. During her time at Ryerson University in Toronto ON for Design & Image Arts Corrine was approached by a fellow school mate to help with a photo shoot which included wearing pieces of jewelery - something that never appealed to Corrine herself. After seeing herself on camera Corrine was quick to realize that she enjoyed the look of accessorizing!

A quick hobby in 2004 during the first year after the shoot soon turned into a full on line in 2006 ranging from earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Q. What inspires each Biko collection?
A. Most of Corrine's inspiration comes from the materials she chooses to use and found objects. The idea of a "modern nostalgic" line comes from her love of mixing old and new, pairing unexpected ideas and her love for objects such as modern furniture and old Edison light bulbs.

Q. Where can I find Biko Jewellery?
A. You can find Biko pieces in stores across Canada, with hopes of branching out into the US soon. You can also shop online HERE.

One of the best parts about Biko Jewellery is that it's all hand crafted in Toronto, Canada!

I purchased the crystal teardrop earrings in emerald $45 and they are exactly what I have been looking for in a stud! They'll be perfect to pair with my New Years Eve dress if I decide to wear my hair up or even just for some sparkle with a basic tee for a regular day.

Sparkle & Shine Under $100

I'm sure some of you have a fantastic outfit to wear to your upcoming holiday parties or even New Years bash, but what do you wear with them?!?! Here are a few items that are sure to dazzle your outfit and make you shine brighter than the tree!

Click on the item description to purchase:

Kate Spade Gumdrop Stud Earrings $38

Kate Spade "Cocktail Colorfully"" Gin Daisy Adjustable Ring $22
Hive & HoneyStone And PavàDiamond Ring $78

Max & Chloe Collection VLinear Disk Drop Earrings $45
Hive & Honey Cutout Cuff $18

Spank Clothing Blogger Event

Wednesday was a fantastic evening out at Spank Clothing on West 4th as the lovely ladies of the store put together a fun blogger night out! I myself had not been to Spank before but was highly impressed with their selection of brands and styles - If you haven't gone so far I recommend that you do, and you can get a head start on their site HERE.

Spank is a family owned retail store carrying lines from Canada, U.S, and London. They offer a large selection of all separates and accessories including small to large leather items which are perfect for gifts for this holiday season!

The night was packed with glasses of sparkling water, champagne, delicious cupcakes provided by Sugar Violet , canapes provided by Beyond Restaurant and an abundance of great shopping! You can see my purchase in my previous blog post HERE.

It was a pleasure to meet all of you lovely bloggers for the first time and great to see some familiar faces - I hope you all enjoy your holiday season!

(photo c/o Leonie from The Signature Bow | Wearing: Top - Club Monaco, Skirt - Central Park West from Aritzia, Shoes - Charlotte Russe, Necklace - Vancouver Flea Market)

(photo c/o of @spankclothing twit pic aka: Talya's blackberry! - Myself, Leonie from The Signature Bow and Sara McCabe)

(photo courtesy of Alexandra from To Vogue Or Bust)

ALSO! The gift card contest ends in 5 days for The Cross Decor & Design and I am behind in votes!! Oh, no!! Please click on THIS link and like my photo if you do, I would reeeaaallly appreciate it!