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Thanks to Brendan Bailey PR and author Jacquie Somerville I was please to attend the book launch of "My Fat Little Rule Book" at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. In a nutshell, this clever and incredibly informed read describes how a fashionista reconciles with becoming a foodie! This is something I'm sure most of us have struggled with. How do we shed those unwanted pounds while still looking fabulous in our sought out trends??

This is not your typical "weight loss" book with rules on how to lose the weight and also lose a part of your soul in the process but rather Jacquie's personal experiences and mantras on what she did day to day - how it worked for her, and how it can work for you. Trust me, I saw her - the woman's a statuesque toned gazelle!!

Her mantras and experiences go much further than weight loss, it applies to all aspects of your life and how important it is to set goals. You can apply her words to just about anything going on.

It was such a pleasure to meet Jacquie and hear her read snippets from her new book - the book should hit shelves in just a few weeks but if you want to be one of the first to grab a copy Jacquie is giving away 10 free copies to the first 10 people to join her online community - click HERE for more deets!

Although I'm not in the market to currently loose weight (my tonsil surgery did that for me - hello Vegas pool side!) I can't wait to read "My Fat Little Rule Book" and learn some mantras and ideas that can help in other areas of life!

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