Holiday Wish List Numero Uno

There are only 39 days left until I get to run towards the glistening Christmas tree and tear open all of my long awaited presents! Don't get me wrong, I know that's not the only part of Christmas ;).

I didn't even realize how much time there was left to get presents for 10 people but I'm happy to say that last night I finally got a start at the 8 year anniversary party at The Cross Design and Decor! I can't share with you what I purchased but I got 2 wicked presents for Eric and 1 present for his sister, Tara.

I tend to not have a lot on my wish lists but this year there's been a whole shabang of items that I want! Here is my Christmas wish list (items under $100) PART UNO!!

1. H&M blazer $69.95
2. BCBG Pave ball earbuds $40
3. BCBG gem and chain bracelet $48
4. The Cross Decor & Design Silver Morracan tea glass $14
5. Le Chateau fold over clutch $49.95
6. Le Chateau clutch (but in black or brown) $49.95
7. Yves Saint Laurent Style $40
8. BCBG snake bangle $18
9. Marc By Marc Jacobs brass and glass crystal studs $48
10. H&M blazer $59.95
11. The Cross Decor & Design Ornate frame $44


  1. Lovely list! Especially the bracelet and snake bangle - so pretty! I'd be happy to receive any of these items. And I'd like to add the Vince Sequin-embellished crepe dress from your previous post as well. Ha!

    Donuts In A Jar

  2. You found the BCBG bangle I wore to The Network Hub! I love that my mom has jewelry I can borrow! And it's only $18! maybe I will get one for my self before she notices hers missing haha...or before I possibly lose it.