Gift Giving: The Swag Bag

My two besties Lyndsey and Tamar and myself are swapping gifts this year and we've never done the "Secret Santa" swap, we just get each other gifts!

I was thinking of doing something a bit different this year but still haven't decided. While I was contemplating this new idea I came across one that would be perfect for all of you gift givers - "The Swag Bag" !!

This idea struck when I opened up my swag bag from the Gap x Style Spy Holiday Shopping Event and thought wow, these are such great and non cheap items that make a big impact!

You can wrap them however you want, I was thinking maybe a stocking, gift bags, various size boxes stacked like a tree, yadda - yadda - yadda...

Here are some great swag items to add to your bag:

Click on the item description to purchase:
1. Voluspoa candles - $12
2. M.A.C. eyeshadow pots - $15
3. Essie nail polish - $8
4. Goody Spin Pins - $5
5. Shiseido eyelash curler - $19
6. O.P.I nail designs - $15
7. BCBG animal skin bracelet - $38
8. Keel's simple diary - $18
9. H&M gift cards - any amount
10. BCBG snake bracelet - $18
11. Spike The Punch necklace - $40
12.BFriend bracelets - $48.49
13. Starbucks gift cards - any amount

1 comment:

  1. Great idea! I have "goodie baskets" as birthday presents before, but they mostly contained yummy treats, wine etc. I think a swag bag is awesome!

    I am hosting a GREAT GIVEAWAY: Beautiful handmade copper plated feather necklace!