Tiny Treasures

Today's post is about the smaller items in your space that make the biggest difference. I'm a big fan of little treasures that have no use but sparkle and shine in your home - they add a touch of positivity!

I wanna share with you my "Treasure Table". Throughout my entire space I have the little favorite items like crystal candle holders, silver and gold picture frames, glass vases etc. but one area of my place holds a family of treasures.

Over a year ago I located a lovely french style table from The Salvation Army originally in the color black. This beauty was only $20 and now looks much more costly, painted white and taken care of it adds a great look to my space.

On top it carries my finds from around Vancouver. A beautiful silver mirror with just enough detail, a statue of a lady which is reminiscent of a Valentino sketch (also originally in black and from Value Village), a photo of Eric and myself during one of our favorite times together, a silver skull to add that edge, a crystal doorknob, an oil lamp for a vintage flare and a geometric star for that modern touch, and to add one more touch of "pretty" 2 crystal candlestick holders with long white soy candlesticks.

I think it's important to keep a theme going, for me it was white, silver and crystal. It creates a sentimental and ornate area in my place and adds a touch of fancy :). Having a mirror creates a larger area through the reflection, it helps considering I don't think I'll be tearing down any walls anytime soon!

Silver decorative mirror - Shefields Home from Winners $29.99
Silver photo frame - gifted
Silver skeleton skull - from the dollar store $8
Silver candle holder - from Bath and Body Works - $8.50 (used a coupon = FREE!)
Crystal candlestick holders - from winners $5 each
Soy candle sticks - From Fort Langley $2 for 2
White statue - from Value Village $15
Oil lamp - used to be my moms
Silver geometric star - from Front & Company $18

Do you have a treasure table? What's on it?!

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  1. I see you put that white table to good use! Looks lovely :)