Shopping Finds - and some quick deals!

Yesterday was a fantastic day for shopping, let me tell you. Lyndsey and I headed over to Pacific Center in Vancouver not to shop for ourselves but to shop for Lynds's boyfriend Joshua. I can't tell you what she purchased for him... it's top secret. Plus he reads my blog. (HI JOSH!!!)

Anyways, as we wandered to scout out this top secret mission gift we may have stumbled into every store imaginable for ourselves a few stores and every time we did, BAM! central.

I needed to stop in Jacob to grab a great nail polish they have in the color I've been searching for and it was only $6. Right now they have a promotion going on where if you purchase anything they scan a promo sheet and it's like Russian Roulette for discounts. I got $10 off my purchase! So I had to buy another polish and got 2 polishes for $2!! Lyndsey also got the $10 off and got her shirt for $15!

(Cashmere Cardigan & Runway Diva)

Then as we left La Senza there was a lovely girl from Bath & Body Works handing out $10 off coupons - they're handing them out until the 18th so you better go take advantage of it! I wasn't in the mood for any lotions or candles. etc. So instead I purchased a silver cut out candle holder which was only $8.95 and used my $10 coupon and got it for free!! You know that promo they always have? Where you can buy 3 lotions, body mists, gels, etc. and get 3 for free? Well Lyndsey used her $10 off coupon and got 6 of whatever for only like $15!!

THEN as I was walking down the lovely scenic streets of Hastings to get my newly made tank from Lindsay at Standing Armed I got a tweet from The Cross Decor & Design telling me that I've won the photo contest and get a $100 gift card!!

(Tank from Standing Armed made in black from the SS12 collection)

I gotta say, I should have purchased a lottery ticket yesterday cause with my luck I probably would have won the jackpot!

Have you found any awesome deals out there? Let me know!


  1. Gotta love those kind of deals! I got the same $10 coupon from Bath & Bodyworks... I didn't really need anything either, but hey, I can always use some liquid soap and hand sanitizers! ;-) By the way, that black blouse is very pretty with those golden buttons! :-)

  2. love the colors of your nail polish.