Holiday Gift Giving - The Swag Box

A few weeks ago I had given you all the idea for a fun type of gift-giving - The Swag Bag! You can see the post HERE. I had decided that it was a great idea for me to follow as well and created 2 swag bags for my girlfriends for Christmas.

Instead of using bags I found great gold glitter boxes at Winners and filled them with goodies that I thought they would be enjoy and a few others that were tailored to each person. We had a budget of $30 per person (I went over a bit...shhh...!!) It's a creative way to get your girls useful items that they would love.

In Lyndsey's:
Light hair spin pins
Black rhinestone iPhone case
Fluer de lis wine stopper
Essie nail polish
Gold stone and chain Aldo bracelet
Starbucks gift card

In Tamar's
Dark hair spin pins
Flue de lis wine stopper
Essie nail polish
Starbucks gift card
Silver and blue rhinestone Aldo necklace
Paint brush
NYX Cosmetics eyeshadow

...and of course chocolates and candy canes for both :)

How are you gifting your girlfriends this year? Share the deets!


  1. I totally make little swag bags/boxes as gifts too! They're so fun.

    xo, alison*elle

  2. Love these swag boxes! And the goodies are so nice - such a fun idea for gift giving.