Thunk - an inspiration!

It's Saturday at 11:53pm. I have just been inspired! That has not been happening a lot lately... I just finished watching Julie & Julia and what movie would have been more perfect for me to watch at this time of my life?

1. She is turning 30 and is unsatisfied with life. I am 24 and going through a quarter life crisis (yes I know that means I'm only living till 99 years of age)
2. Unlike her, who is miserable at her job. I was miserable and now have no job.
3. She is not the best cook but wants to learn how to be a great one - today I baked my first desert from scratch. And I loved it!
4. She starts a blog to feel as though she is doing something for herself and uses it as a way to express herself - no need to mention why I blog.
5. Her husband is Eric. My boyfriend is Eric.

If you haven't noticed I'm very much into "fate" and "meant to be" situations...

Did the movie inspire me to cook?? No, I don't think so...although I would love to make something tomorrow. It's inspired me to create something that is my own and express myself through my blog with what I truly enjoy. So, as I am saying this to you all you will take note that I will be adding a new section to my blog. I CAN'T SAY WHAT IT IS! BUT STAY TUNED!

The Devil Wears Prada just came on... gotta go!

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