Here's to the weekend

Happy (THANKSGIVING) weekend ya'll!

I'll most likely be sleeping this entire weekend due to the amount of turkey I'll be eating. I can promise you, I eat a lot. On Sunday I'll be spending the evening with the entire family (on my moms side) for a Thanksgiving dinner and I'm super excited! I always love seeing my cousins :)

I'll also be trying to purchase a camera for cheap online AND packing up my life into boxes because Eric and I only have till the end of the month at our apartment!

On another note here are few things I like that will be on my mind this weekend -

1. Sugar Lime Cookies
2. Fresh white roses
3. Vintage shoulder bag
4. Movie time popcorn
5. Twitter account! Follow me @randasalloum or click HERE
6. Antique Alley - so many finds!
7. Panasonic Lumix LX5
8. Homemade guacamole
9. Pet News Issue #1 - Follow Pet News @PetNewsCanada or click HERE, visit their site HERE, become a Facebook fan HERE.

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