My sells at Front & Company

As of recent me and Lyndsey decided to sell our clothes. For what reason? Well, obviously to buy more clothes! I go through my closet every couple of months and after we re-did Lyndsey's closet (seen HERE) we realized it was about time that we sold a few pieces.

We've taken some items to the Unique Boutique in Surrey because Lyndsey's family friend is the owner so it was nice to leave our pieces with someone we trust. I've also taken a few items to Front & Company on Main street. They won't be placing them on the sales floor until next week but if you're interested in these items you should definitely check it out!

1. Cotton sweater with lace hoodie
2. Lulu Lemon classic overnight bag with Black/Lime
3. Vintage purse
4. Aldo purse

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