A spoOooOoOOky weekend!

(From left to right - Our apartment lit with glow sticks / A moment of hilarity right before we all fell backwards through the door and onto our butts!)

This was by far - the.longest.Halloween.weekend.EVER!! But it was also the best Halloween I've ever had :). I spent a ton of time with my friends, dressed up and ate way too much candy (no such thing as too much).

Thursday - Double date night at Fright Night @ the PNE - If you haven't gone let me warn you now that it will be the most terrifying night of your life! The highlight of everyone's night was of course the dead man with the chainsaw coming after me and watching me run off into the crowds screaming bloody murder!!

Friday - Rave house party at our apartment - We turned off every light and covered our place in spider webs and glow sticks - the entire area was illuminated like a video game, it was pretty epic. Needless to say I had a rough morning on Saturday.

Saturday - Moxie's Halloween party - I clearly did not learn my lesson from the previous night because history repeated itself but had the best time with my girlfriends.

Sunday - Ghost Train at Bear Creek park - Double date night spending 2 hours in a line up for a 12 minute train ride that was more funy than it was scary, but the few screams that came out of me made it all worth it!

AND TONIGHT IS HALLOWEEN!!!! I don't really have anything planned except fixing up my new place, but the night is still young.

BOO! I hope you all have a kick ass spooky adventure tonight :)

1. No food, just booze
2. Spider webs cover the entire apartment
3. Enough treats for everyone
4. Glow sticks for the party
5. Our apartment with the glow sticks
6. Black candles to set the mood
7. The girls and I at Sharksclub
8. Eric dressed as one of the DJ's from Daft Punk - he made the helmet himself!
9. Me dressed as Olive Oyl - waaaaayyyy to short of a dress, never again!

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