H&M outfits all under $100!!

Today is day 6 of recovery! I'm feeling a bit better but the struggle is still there. I kept my mind off of it with some online window shopping yesterday on www.hm.com and couldn't help but notice all the great pieces and prices!

I first went onto the site to show Eric a pair of floral printed pants that I've had my eye on and needed him to call the store to place them on hold. Because I couldn't speak I couldn't do it myself and it was really funny because he had no idea what he was calling about. Thankfully he placed them on hold! Great job babe!

So, like I said the pieces and prices are all really great right now and obviously when I go in I won't be able to leave with just the pants. I've put together 7 outfits that I want and that you would all love as well....ALL UNDER $100!!!!

Happy shopping!

Outfit 1: Yellow sleeveless blouse + metallic skirt = $99.90
Outfit 2: Beige pea coat + floral sundress = $69.90
Outfit 3: Black bikini = $34.95

Outfit 1: Python printed sleeveless blouse + red skinny pant = $42.90
Outfit 2: Bird printed sleeveless blouse + navy skinny pant = $59.90/center>

Outfit 1: Sequin front tee + black skinny pant = $49.90
Outfit 2: Black sleeveless blouse + floral skinny pant = $54.90,


  1. I have to go and check it out:) it looks intersting:)

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