Let's make KONY Famous!

As bloggers and people who live our lives on this earth we have a voice. I would like to share a little bit of my voice with all of you on one topic.

I'm sure by now you have been bombarded on your Facebook time lines with the objective to make Joseph Kony famous. If you are unaware about this horrifying act that is going on, much like I was 48 hours ago - you want to educated yourself on this.

In a nutshell, Joseph Kony from Uganda, Africa recruits young children to be a part of this army. An army that forces these children to kill their parents and those in their town. An army that uses young girls in the sex trade.

Thanks to Jason Russel who has brought this to the worlds attention - his tactics over the past 8 years have brought all of us to this moment in 2012 when we can finally stop Kony.

Please take the next 30 minutes to watch this video and another 2 second to like the Facebook page for Bloggers Making Joseph Kony Famous HERE and the Twitter page HERE.


Please take the above video and photo to spread these around on all of your social media accounts - LET'S MAKE KONY FAMOUS not to applaud him, but to stop him. My friends and I are in support of TRI and will be joinging Vancouver on April 20th. Will I see you there?

The official hash tags for this are #KONY2012 & #BloggersAgainstKony


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  1. Good for you to post! I was totally impacted by this video.