The Women Who Tweet

Today's post is to celebrate the lovely women that not only dominate the Fashion & Style industry but also take over my Twitter feed. These women in the industry are incredibly accomplished and have the ambitions and experience to inspire me day to day - which is why I love to read and re-tweet their tweets!

I would like to share their Twitter handles with all of you in the hopes that you too will follow them and be inspired and informed with what they have to say. From international style stars to the local ladies that we love in Vancouver - they'll all make you you stop and read.

If you don't have your own Twitter account - that's fine! These ladies have open profiles so that you can read their tweets even without an account.

Now my lists on these women can go on and on - as I have A LOT of them that I follow but currently these are my favorites!

Jeanne Beker – Host of Fashion Television @Jeanne_Beker
Anna Wintour – Editor in chief of Vogue Magazine @ANNA__WINTOUR
Lauren Conrad - Blogger and Author @LaurenConrad
Bernadette Morra – Editor In Cheif of Fashion Magazine @BernadetteMorra
Susie Sheffman – Editor At Large of Fashion Magazine & Fashion Editor at @ssheffman
Lisa Tant – Editor In Cheif of Flare Magazine @LisaTant
Olivia Polermo - Blogger & Style Icon @therealoliviaP
Nina Garcia – Fashion Editor at Marie Claire Magazine @ninagarcia
Suzanne Scott – Beauty Writer at Elle Magazine @Suzanne_ELLE
Erika Bearman – Oscar de la Renta Public Relations @OscarPRGirl
Anna Dello Russo – Editor At Large for Vogue Japan @annadellorusso
Hilary Alexander – Fashion Editor Daily Telegraph @HilaryAlexander
Victoria Beckham - Designer & Style Icon @victoriabeckham
Rachel Zoe - Stylist @rachelzoe

Lyndi Barrett – Lj Public Relations @LyndiBarret 
Nadia Albano - Nadia Albano Style Inc. @nadiaalbano
Rebecca Rawlinson – Owner of Rebecca Bree Boutique @RebeccaRaw
Ovey Yeung – Creater of OY Marketing Communications @Oyco
Soha Lavin – Wedding Planner & Owner of Countdown Events @CountDownEvents
Christie Lohr – Creator of Style Nine to Five @Christie_Lohr
Lisa Kwong – PR Specialist @lisa_kwong
Joyce Poon – President, CEO & Founder of Noir Lash Lounge @joyce_poon
Claudia Da Ponte – Stylist @claudiadaponte 
Brittany Law – Editor In Chief of Style Republic Magazine @StyleRepublic


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  1. This is such a great post, thanks for sharing the women you follow! I'm already following some of them but there are definitely more that I'll be adding to my Twitter feed.