I See Noise @ Portobello West Market RECAP!

I had a busy weekend at the Portobello West Market! I met some of you oh so fabulous readers, passed on my I See Noise Prints and spent 16 hours with Eric and the fabulous jewelry designer at the booth next to me (you'll find out who during a giveaway April 2nd)!

Thank you so-so-so much to everyone who came out to support myself and my prints. I really appreciate you coming out to see the metallic lovelies and even just to say "Hello!".

Also, if you didn't already know..Lauren from L.A. In The Bay is having a giveaway for the 24K Gold Chanel No. 5 Perfume Bottle - you should stop by and enter to win it! I'm overcome with how many entries have been placed in just 24 hours - we're going on almost 200! I'm starting to think perhaps you guys like my prints? Hehe!

Here are a few snippets from market for those of you who couldn't make it!


  1. Randa, I love love love that you're getting to sell your prints and those business cards are gorgeous.

    I think I told you on Insta, but I have those pants. I love how you styled them. Xo

  2. I absolutely love your prints as you know!! and I love those pants.. I'm so sad I didn't buy them when I first saw them because now I can't find them anywhere!! :(



  3. Your set-up was gorgeous, Randa! And love the new business cards too... such a great design.

    xo, alison*elle

  4. I have those pants :) And so happy with the giveaway! And of course everyone loves your prints..!

  5. love the layout :) and your pants are fabulous!

  6. Your prints are great! i would love to buy one soon. Too bad we missed portobello, i went last year and had a blast! Love the pants too:)