Vegas recap and outfit roundup

I'm back. I'm tan. I miss Vegas! This was by far the best Vegas trip I have ever had - there were so many exciting moments and people that we will definitely be talking about this one for a long time. I would love to go on about my trip but unfortunately, ya just wouldn't get most of it. One of thoes "you had to be there" type of stories, but definitely one for the ages!

Here's a quick recap in photos and mini descriptions!

From top to bottom - left to right:

riding in style | the girlist and prettiest room ever | hotel room view of the pool | dolled up for Hyde & The Bank | our VIP view from Hyde | pool time | Encore Beach Club VIP cabana, our own pool | dinner at Spago | cold but noms filet mignon | complimentary VIP and bottle service just for us thanks to Pure and the GM of Spago | dinner at Cut in their private wine room - Thai prawns | cheers to the last night | fit for a mau5 | dancing at XS VIP | more than words can say. best. night. ever.

Some major highlights that didn't get photographed but are forever instilled in my memory:
Champagne bottle spray fights at the Encore Beach Club cabanas - drenched | Tiesto at XS | Limos and town cars | ...the list can go on...

But now what you all wanna know... *drum roll*... WHAT DID I WEAAARR!!! I wasn't very fussy this trip with my outfits and kept the same shoe and bag for all outfits!

WHERE: Hyde Nightclub & The Bank Nightclub 
WHAT: H&M dress | Blair Ritchey clutch | Spring shoes | BCBG chain bracelet | Club Monaco nail bracelet

WHERE: Dinner at Spago, Pure Nightclub & XS Nightclub
WHAT: Asos dress | Blair Ritchey clutch | Stella & Dot necklace | Spring shoes | BCBG chain bracelet

WHERE: Dinner at Cut & XS Nightclub
WHAT: Forever 21 dress | Blair Ritchey clutch | Spring shoes | BCBG necklace | DeLysh Design bracelet

Songs that made the trip: click to listen


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time in Vegas!! Love all the outfits, especially the first H&M dress and the clutches are perfect!!


  2. I am glad a fellow Dutch person contributed to the success of your Vegas trip ;-)

    Looked like you had an awesome good time!

    xo Leonie

  3. Woohoo! Looked like you had so much fun and your photos have me pumped for my upcoming Vegas trip! I think my fave outfit of your is #1, with #2 a close second!


  4. looks like fun!
    love your last shirt dress, so pretty!
    xo Cara