NYX Makeup - Christmas Goodies!

As you may have read before on here and over and OVER AGAIN on twitter, I'm a huge fan of NYX Cosmetics. The quality is great and the price is even better. For those of you that are looking for some great stocking stuffers, invovled in Secret Santa or are just looking for a great gift you should definetly check out these makeup sets! All of them are under $50, most are under $30!

To see my previous post on NYX Cosmetics, click HERE.

Click on the item description to purchase :)

NYX Lip Gloss Palette $8

NYX Nude on Nude Kit $13

NYX Eye Shadow Palette $25

NYX Box Of Smokey Look Collection $22

NYX Beauty To Go $45

ALSO, Don't forget to enter to win a WTF? accessory frame by Kate Duncan. The rules have changed so be sure to check it out HERE.


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