Dont walk, but run! To the East Side Culture Crawl

On Friday night Eric and I attended one of the stops from the East Side Culture Crawl. For those that are unfamilliar it is an event held once a year throught Vancouver where studios will open their doors to showcase all of the latest talent from painting, sculpture, woodwork, accessories and many more. Each studio ranges from small with 5 artists to a 4 floor warehouse jam packed.

This year with 3 days, over 70 studios around Vancouver and 361 artists it was a must see, although we only had the energy for one studio - it was more than enough!

Our stop was 1000 Parker Street. Below is the artwork from my 3 favorite artists of the evening; Bradley Harms, Carla Tak and Noel Hodnett.

The Culture Crawl is held from November 18th - November 20th so make sure you attend it's last day to take in the artistic culture of Vancouver!

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  1. Nice! I especially like the Carla Tak paintings - they'd look awesome on a brick wall.