48 days.

48 days left until I'm basking in the desert sun sippin on vodka strawberry lemonade slushies and getting ready to party it up VIP style! In another mad dash to H&M before work yesterday I landed 2 more dresses and a monokini! I must say I'm very proud of my monokini purchase considering I have cuts and bruises all over me from trying on a size too small the other day and now landing my size, LAST ONE, hiddin in a pile of nothings in the fitting room area.

But I digres... my updated checklist.
Vegas Shopping List
• Printed romper (that doesn’t make my ass hang out of the bottom)
• Black basic maxi dress CHECK!
• Printed shorts
• 1 AMAZING party dress CHECK!
• Cut out monokini (for daily pool parties...Rehab!)CHECK!!
• 2 Bikinis (preferably strapless and neutrals or a print)
• Dark brown wedges
• Strappy sandals (that won’t cut my feet to shreds)
• Raybans (I can’t believe I lost mine!!)
• Nicole OPI "Twist of Fate" Nail Lacquer !)CHECK!!

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