Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday. It's also day 2 of daily horoscope checks and this is what we got.

"If a few unpleasant developments end up rocking the boat today, don't worry. You ought to be able to get things back on track before long. If you're just willing to lend a helping hand to other people today, then others ought to be more than willing to return the favor and help you out when you need it.

Try to take care of whatever work or other responsibilities seem to be coming your way today. You should also try to clear up any personal issues that have been bothering you lately. And it ought to be a great time to get to work on any sort of creative or artistic projects. Mantra: Sensitivity"

I must say, I'm not too pleased with my horoscope with it's tone of overloading responsibilities. However, Im going to pay attention to the creativity aspect of it, before reading it I woke up and took down all the paintings in our apartment. Time to start a new.

*Happy Birthday song beings*

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