Pretty Please!

It's my birthday in 1 week! May 14th marks my big day and I'm expecting some big gifts from my best guy! Well...I'd be happy with anything he got me..but just incase I've given him a list.

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Sinead cable-knit cotton sweater $270
2. Harajuku Lovers Perfume "Wicked Style Love" $30
3. T.Babaton Carmen Sleeveless Blouse $90
4. American Apparel MEDIUM Leather Carry All Pouch
5. Sephora Makeup Train Case $90

He did however get me something today! I got to pick it out but I dont even get to try it on or have it to call my own until next week! This deal blows.

H&M Harem pants - powder/patterned $19.99

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