Mantra: Sensitivity

As many know, I am not a religious individual...However, I am extremely spiritual and believe that what I put out into this world - I will receive in return. For many years I've followed my horoscopes daily and lived my life according to, I know...crazy right? After being super busy at work I fell short on my daily check-ups. Well..I'm back to checking them! Here is todays:

"There should be plenty for you to have to take care of on the home front today. And if you're not all that eager to do your part, then a few conflicts are bound to be popping up at some point. No matter how much you'll have to deal with, you just better be prepared to handle all the duties and obligations that are coming your way right now.

Just realize that taking care of all your responsibilities could lead to greater rewards for you later on down the line. Things really ought to start looking up for you on the romantic front tonight, so don't be afraid to let a loved one know how you really feel. Mantra: Sensitivity."

After doing a bit of clean-up around the house - while being attatcked with a minor flu AND thinking about a few conflicts at work I stopped to read my horoscope and wouldnt ya know it! On the mark again! I cant wait for tomorrows...

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