Shopping Finds - the home, the gems, the wrists

I have to admit I'm quite proud of myself. I haven't purchased any clothing since my last shopping finds post! So a week and a half, maybe longer? Okay, that's not something to be proud of. Especially when instead of clothing it's gone to home decor and odds and ends!In the last 4 days I've spent two of them at The Cross Decor & Design but that's what I get for spending my time downtown with a gift card.

So what do we got here?? Let's sum it up!

I absolutely adore the two teal tea light holders, they were perfect for the office shelf along with the white wicker lantern. My office was beginning to look a bit stuffy and typical office-like and this allows it to be more playful. All 3 are from The Cross Decor & Design!

C/O of The Cross Decor & Design this gorg crystal diamond shaped tea light holder. It brings in the shine where necessary!

C/O of The Cross Decor & Design, Voluspa Mokara - THE BEST SMELLING CANDLE IN THE WORLD! Seriously, you know how much I love candles, right? They're in almost every "Shopping Finds" post but I might have to shove them all to the side and opt for this one over and over again.

C/O of The Cross Decor & Design the cutest butter dish in the world. I'm currently using it in my bathroom to place my earrings/rings when I wash my face/hands.

It really feels like Spring time with the trees blooming and these beauties on my lobes! They're feminine and simply lovely in all ways. I got these at Front & Co. - they also came in mint!

During a conversation with Jen from Prairie Girl In The City, I was completely inspired to create lovely little cards and stationary for my loved ones. Although I appreciate the small things and homemade gems I never thought to create them myself - thanks to her I will be now! I can't wait to use this Paris themed stamp kit to create! Also from The Cross Decor & Design.

C/O LinzGutz who you might recognize from the GIVEAWAY I'm having HERE - I've been sporting this heart shaped bracelet with most outfits. What's so great about it is that I don't have to tailor it to fit my tiny wrists - it just does!

C/O Elyshia from DeLysh Designs - these incredibly cute and easy to wear bracelets! I've wanting a design like this for a while but couldn't find it anywhere. She will be adding them to her Etsy shop so stop by and have a look! By the way...did you know she bakes cupcakes? I KNOW! I just ordered a dozen for me and my girls during the Housewives Of Vancouver premier tomorrow!

Well, that's it!...for now...

P.S. Besides the great giveaway I'm having HERE - Devon Rachel is holding her own for the 24K Gold Chanel No. 5 Perfume Bottle I See Noise Print!! It's your second chance to win!


  1. great finds!! Love the butter dish in the bathroom idea!!


  2. Wonderful finds Randa! I especially adore those earrings from Front & Co., I'm definitely going to stop in there to see if they're still in stock.