Snipits of my life: Part 6 - My Shoes

I have 45 pairs of shoes. This after a very large cleanse of my shoe closet where I realized I should not be keeping every pair of shoes I've ever was getting a little too "Hoarders Special". Now I have my favorites and the shoes that I wear the most often, let's get to it!

My Heels | I'm that girl in the grocery store that's wearing 5 inch pumps with leather pants and a sequin shirt, you know you've seen them. I wear my heels with almost every outfit becaues they definetly elevate the look and feel more feminen. I can only last in heels for up to 12 hours or so.

My Booties | I just recently started collecting booties this year and I'm hooked, I just need some neutral colors and I'll be good for every outfit.

My Boots | These are shoes that I do NOT wear often. My reasoning, I know.. is very lame but I can't help how I feel! I'm an obsessive viewer of all of the "Real Housewives" shows and they ALL WEAR BOOTS and they all LOOK LIKE SLOOTS! So I have to be in an extra saucy mood to wear them ;).

My Flats | I tend to wear flats mainly when I'm doing my merchandising at work or after a week straight of heels, sometimes my feet need a break!

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