new fall finds

Fall is officially 14 days away from today and you know what that means...

FUR, SPARKLE, CHUNKY KNITS, AND BIG SAAALLLESS!!! For anyone that works retail (me) you'll understand that it's a blessing and a curse. A blessing obviously because of the discount and your entire wardrobe becomes your favorite pieces. A curse because your broke. BUT YOU LOOK DAMN GOOD!

I put myself on a budget for the September collection we received at Club - I had to, everything screamed my name! Also, I knew that if I spent too much at my own store then I wouldn't be able to purchase anything else from another store. *womp womp womp*...

Luckily, the end of the summer season means great sales and every store has those "transition pieces" that they received a month ago that are great for fall - and on sale!

Just wait peeps, the collections out there this year are going to be stupendous so don't buy everything you see right now.

Club Monaco Karmen top, Club Monaco Krissi moto jacket, Joe Fresh Oxfords (ON SALE)

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