Snipits of my life: Part 2 - My bag

Always be prepared. The traditional scout motto... and no, I was never a scout I just like to always be prepared. Which is why I like to carry EVERYTHING in my bag!! A typical fill would include:

1. iPhone
2. Wallet
3. Moleskin notebook
4. Club Monaco Sunglasses
5. Club Monaco Umbrella (you never know living in Vancouver)
6. Home AND work keys
7. Word puzzle book for sky train trips
8. A pouch full of necessities

My pouch is whole other story, as often as I must maintain my purse, I have to maintain my pouch. I include:

1. Lotion
2. Lip balm
3. Perfume
4. Liners - regular, thin & thong
5. Tampons - light, medium & heavy
6. Freshening Wipes
7. Mary Kay face wipes for oily times
8. Toothbrush & toothpicks
9. Mints
10. Bandaids
11. Tissues
12. Medications

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...and yes. That IS Ryan Gossling on my phone. Go watch "Blue Valentine" :)

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