Snipits of my life: Part 5 - My Library

My Reading| I have never been a big reader of very in dept novels but I have always been interested in books that allowed me to further indulge in what I love. I have what I think is a small collection of industry books although to my friends it definetly is not, but my hopes is to one day own wall to wall shelves completely filled with fashion and design books.

*Prized Posession: Limited Edition "Louis Vuitton Art, Fashion & Architecture" in plexi casing.

My Decor| Besides having my books in one place I like to keep them with great finds from vintage shops and little trinkiets that are just as captivating as the books themselves.

The woman, originally painted black was found at Value Village in Vancouver and to me resembles a Valentino sketch.

A crystal doorknob which will be installed to my bedroom door in my first New York apartment is currently used as a book weight.

Photos of Eric and I are not overwhelmingly placed all over the apartment but just next to our trinkets and books.

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  1. Love these pics... Such a coll place! I need more books on fashion for sure:)

    Milana from

    P.S. Great blog!!