The first step to change

I'm typically the one in the group to be extremely organized, and when I say "extremely" I don't mean "very". I mean I take all extreme measures to organize my life!

I hit a slump for a few months where I would only place important info into my phone but then my shitty iPhone started to crash every now and then (thanks Apple for your defective chips). After a while I stopped making note of anything important - which was totally not me.

After having lunch with my friend Ovey, which was full of positive energy it pepped me into a mood where I wanted to change. I didn't know WHAT I wanted to change all I knew is it had to be done. I stopped at Chapters and knew the first thing I need to buy - a planner.

I purchased one of their new editions Moleskin planners in the large size and a few task titled sticky notes and I felt set.

Writing ideas and events down seems more productive than typing it into a phone, don't you agree? Now that I've taken the first step to "change", I'm still waiting on what my next step is.... I'll keep you posted.

1. Weekly Soft Cover Planner - 18 month Large - Black $25
2. Set of 3 Sticky Pads - Tasks $8
3. Post-It Assorted Ultra Notes $5

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