"If I can't have the Chanel, I'll take the Zara"

Monday marked the day that I finally got to experience my birthday present from Lyndsey (yes my birthday was in May...)!!! She took me to the Fairmont Hotel for an extra girly day at the spa for a relaxing massage and soothing dip in the hot tub. To finish it off we had a great wine lunch on the Joeys patio and then SHOPPING!!!! I landed this amazing tweed jacket from Zara and am so excited for all of the possible outfits :).

On another note, I tried on the new Chanel multicolor sequin jacket seen HERE. The minute I put it on, it was over... let the savings begin! Also, the photo does not do justice to how pretty it really is. I recommend that all of you head over to your nearest Chanel store and try it on..and fall in love.

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