Fire in my new shoes

Can you believe it? Fall is in less than 20 days away!! I know I shouldn't be too excited since Vancouver litter ally just started summer a few weeks ago and I really am enjoying the sunshine and warmth....but I have to admit... knit sweaters and booties are calling my name!

Becca at my work showed up in a great pair of black booties from H&M and obviously I had to make a trip over there to get my hands on a pair. I get there, sold out. NO EFFING WAY THEY'RE SOLD OUT! I knew that someone must have been hiding a pair somewhere in the store so I spent 15 minutes looking for every hiding spot there could be and wouldn't ya know it... I found the last pair of black booties size 8. MINE!!!

Also hard to believe, I do not own a pair of classic patent black pumps. Well, now I do! Not to mention I got them for 60% off at The Bay - The Bay always has great gems like these :)

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