Welcome to LAS VEGAS

Is it here yet?! Its the 7th! Yes! Tomorow its here! I LEAVE FOR VEGAS! I'm extremely excited and cannot wait for a weekend with the girls in 42 degree weather sippin on margaritas and getting daaaarrkk.

Im all set, I've got my packing checklist, luggage from my parents (thanks mom!), my raybans that I lost for about a year, new party outfits and 2 new M.A.C. lipsticks!

During a shopping trip to H&M yesterday I scored a great printed sheer jacket that looks totally vintage, it'll make the perfect last edition to my "plane outfit" (LOL!)And a pair of high-wasited black shorts, both look like silk but are really polyester. ***Speaking of, isn't it hilarious that all of us girls have "plane outfits"??! We still gotta look cute even if we're thousands of feet in the air, am I right!? I've never been one to wear sweats and a tee, what if I run into Ryan Gosling at the terminal??? So. not. cute.***

I digress... my plane leaves tomorrow afternoon from bellingham and I'll be back posting on Tuesday. I'll have great times and a drink for all of you lovelies!! But remember.... what happens in Vegas.....ends up on my blog!


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