22 days

Its only 22 days until Lyndsey, Melissa and myself are headin off to the desert and the search still goes on until my shopping list is complete! I've decided to remove some items from the list after brining out all of my summer clothes and realizing that I do infact own... a lot.

Latest Purchases to check off the list, 2 VIX Bikinis from Club Monaco.

Vegas Shopping List

• Black basic maxi dress CHECK!
• Printed shorts CHECK!
• 1 AMAZING party dress CHECK!
• Cut out monokini (for daily pool parties...Rehab!)CHECK!!
• 2 Bikinis (preferably strapless and neutrals or a print)CHECK!!
• Dark brown wedgesCHECK!!
• Strappy sandals (that won’t cut my feet to shreds)
• Nicole OPI "Twist of Fate" Nail Lacquer !)CHECK!!

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