Tons of crap sale!!!

HAVE YOU BEEN TO THE TONS OF CRAP SALE?! I've been many times and I'm never let down! I was surprised to see that he was having his sale so early in the year but it must have been because it was so beautiful outside. He normally puts it on for the warmer Spring and Summer months.

If you have never been, here's the rundown: He collects "crap" from other people who want to throw away peices that they dont know can be worth something. Sells them at his own garage sale, and ta-da! Amazing purchases!

I am thrilled about what I got that day! His wife had sold me a warthog's tusk (turning it into a necklace)that she purchased in the south of Sudan in the early 1980's. ($12) Black flower clip on earrings that I've used as hair clips ($1 a pair) and a great gold chain necklace ($2).

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